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Mum of asthmatic son... just been out hunting inhalers!

I came across this site a few hours ago whilst hunting for how to get my 17 yr old an inhaler! I'd called doctors for repeat, explaining that high pollen has put his asthma through the roof, but told he'll have to go without for almost another 2 weeks! This is ridiculous, I even asked for emergency appointment for him either with a doctor or the asthma nurse but she said that won't be possible as they won't prescribe! I pointed out he has severe asthma and anxiety which can add to his condition, still not allowed an appointment as she doesn't feel important enough! Actually ended the call telling her not to worry I'll take him to A&E if necessary!

Asthma is a killer, I know receptionists have a job to do, but obviously someone with long term severe asthma asking for medical assistance as requiring more than usual meds is is important, over 18's can buy extra online in emergencies, luckily I have obtained a reliever now though!

Sorry for rant, but I've rushed him to A&E before, it's scary for a parent!

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I do feel for you, You definitely should have been given an emergency appointment.

Also it's hard with teenagers, as they forget their inhaler is running out, or in my daughters case "I thought I don't need medicine anymore as the asthma had gone". She then has a massive attack. Very Scary! Some pharmacists can prescribe so it's always worth checking if your local one can. You will have to pay more for the inhaler, but it's well worth it.

The problem with buying off the internet is there are a lot of counterfeit drugs out there, and while the sites look legit there are no guarantees which can be very dangerous with a condition like asthma.

I'm glad you managed to get an inhaler, but it will still be worth getting an appointment with your GP in the near future and discussing ways to prevent what happened this week again.

If at any time your son is struggling to speak sentences because of needing breaths, you should always go to a&e or call 999/ 111

I hope you manage to sort this out,

Welcome to the Forum.

You can also call the Asthma UK helpline, which is staffed by brilliant nurses, and really help.



Awful. If u need inhaler u shuda got inhaler.. i would be making a written compliant about this. Why did he hav to wait 2 wks disgraceful. If u hav breathing problems u need immediate help. Its terrible how u hav been treated. Hope ur son is ok. When u need help and ask for it how dare anyone tell u to wait 2 weeks without seeing and assessing your sons health. Hope this neverh happens again. Pls make formal.compliant

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I had a similar experience with appointments .

Asthma sufferers need treatment immediately , even an hour later is no good .

What I don't understand is why did you need a doctors appointment for a repeat prescription ?

Also for our information


You shouldn't have to request a doctors appointment, but when the receptionist decides to play god and refuse to put a repeat prescription through, you have no alternative than to ask to see your doctor!

I shall be complaining about this!

Also, it's been mentioned about concerns over online buying, I think it's a good way to get back up when needed, but common sense should be used and only reputable companies/ chemists for safety!

Thanks for the replies x


Hi Delnkids3,

Sorry to hear it's been difficult trying to get an appointment for your son. As already mentioned in the thread, please do call our specialist asthma nurses a ring on 0300 222 5800 for a chat (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm - closed on May 28th due to the bank holiday).

Take care,


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I'm glad I don't seem to have this problem at my surgery. I believe you can buy Ventolon over the counter at pharmacists and, if you have a repeat prescription which has expired, at least some pharmacists will honour the repeat and prescribe it, then get the doctor's approval afterwards. So it's always worthwhile having the inhaler on a repeat prescription.


Also I get the run around sometimes in the US so I feel for you. When you need asthma medication, you really need it!

I heard you can buy salbutamol (Ventolin) at Boots in the UK for $20 without a prescription, you just have to talk to the pharmacist. If he is running out of preventers you should NOT stop taking it if he is not completely clear of asthma take the empties with you to pharmacy and try get refill, if they refuse and if your doc won't refill over the phone and won't see you now you'll need to go to the ER/urgent care try pick a quiet time. Sorry for your situation.


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