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I'm new here can you comment on changing from Seretide versus Sirdupla please?

I have just had a letter from my GP saying that they will be automatically changing my Seretide to Sirdupla when I next ask for a repeat! They say it is the same but cheaper so will save the NHS money.

I am a mild asthmatic and am a little worried as I have been stable on Seretide for a while, since my GP put me on it from Beconase and explained that it contained salbutamol as well as the preventer. I asked if it was necessary for me and she said it was considered a better way of treating asthma. So I accepted the change and have had no problems other than I easily get bruised now. I know my skin in very thin now (I am 66) and have accepted that it is probably from long use of these steroids. I have always used a spacer and rinse my mouth after taking the drug and don't have any side effects.

Can anyone tell me what experience they have had from changing from Seretide to Sirdupla please?

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Hi I can't comment on this particular med but my surgery changed my symbicort to a generic version, Duorespman, coz it was cheaper but I couldn't get on with it and had to ask to change back.

They said the ingredients were the same but what they didn't say was that the expedients ie the way it is delivered is not. I found the finer particles of the generic version didn't agree with me at all.

Many people however do as well on generic meds so I would give this a try and see how you get on. If it doesn't work out then ask your doctor to change you back. My doctor did without any fuss so hopefully yours will too. Good luck.


Thank you very much Lilaclil, you were very helpful.

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That's good to know thank you. Good luck with it.


I had this happen to me. I was on Seretide 500 and got automatically changed to Sirdupla. Since then my asthma nurse and consultant at the hospital were not happy so they've changed me to Fostair 100/6. I'm still not as controlled as I was on Seretide but I'm doing better than I was on Sirdupla.


Thank you for telling me about your experience Jems1995.


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