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Chest infection??

I have mild asthma usually, which flares up when I have a cold etc... I am prone to chest infections too. I only have ventolin inhaler, no preventor...

I took a bad cold about 3 weeks ago which came with the cough and increased wheezing and low peak flow.

My cold is all gone now except I still have a lingering cough... it's not as bad as it was but I'm concerned that there is still infection lingering as it's just not clearing at all... before I need to cough I feel my chest getting wheezy and rattling. It's worse at night time.

Not sure if it's a chest infection or purely asthma symptoms??

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I would say, that you already know the answer, and that you need to see the doctor. From personal experience, I normally get super unwell with cold, then feel better for a couple of days, then start feeling worse again, which is when I know I have a chest infection.

Do hope you feel better soon, sometimes it's a good idea to start using a steroid preventer inhaler when you feel you've got a cold coming on even if you don't need one all the time. My Asthma plan includes increasing my steroid inhaler if my husband or children get a cold! To try and get ahead of the curve.

If you go to doctor you should ask about that.



Please see a doctor asap.

I had the same a few months ago and left it (I'm on seretide and ventolin) and by the time I actually went to my doctor - they were telling me that I was borderline needing to go to hospital and told me not to go to work.

I caught another cold about 10 days ago, cold subsided but the coughing was horrendous and both my mum and my work were worried and insisted on an emergency doctors same day appointment. Turns out, I felt okay but had another chest infection. Back on antibiotics and prednisone and we caught it early. If in doubt - always see a doctor as asthma is such a serious condition. Better to be safe.

Hope you feel better soon x


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