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Hi guys and girls havent been on for a while so busy hope everyone is ok ive noticed on several conversations peoples symptoms simular to vcd so i thought for those of you that dont know what it is id tell you vcd causes tightening in the throat it feels eithier like you need to cough or your being strangled it can be caused by reflux or a viral infection and feels like your breathing through a straw when its bad the cough eventually turns to more of a bark it can be made worse through using things like lynx or degresser please message me if anyone has questions as it mimics asthma but the treatments are different

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I have both VCD and asthma. I was only diagnosed with VCD 2 weeks ago but have had asthma for years. I start speech therapy for my VCD on Tuesday.


Hi yes thats sometimes the case are u aware that anti mucus meds can be a prob if youve got reflux which is one main prob witj vcd


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