Good morning all hope everyone doing ok ,?what a night I should become a owl hardly slept a wink I was to hot despite having a fan on , and after having hospital appointment yesterday that started at 11am and didn't finish until 2.30 as had my pre op for my arm operation and had to c the anaesthetist as well as they had a spare appointment so had to c him as well , said chest was wheezy but hopefully b ok on the day just have to wait for appointment said shouldn't b long wait having a nerve bloke but if doesn't work like last time will put me off to sleep but because of my lungs he didn't want to , woke up this morning and still wheezing had nebs when got home and last night so I'm hoping this chest of mine will start to improve as fed up with it now sorry that's my rant and moan over take care everyone and enjoy ur day x

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  • Know how you feel. I struggled with sleep last night too. Then my husband woke me up early just because he was awake. Oh well. Hope you feel better soon. x

  • Oh no how annoying try get rest today I got another busy day family stuff , shopping etc take care

  • Good morning, I hope all goes well with the op. Hope your chest starts to play ball soon. Hugs.

  • I hope you start to feel better soon.

  • That was a bummer of a night for you. I am sorry to hear that and I pray you are better for your op. I too didn't have a good night due to my ic. Dawn is lovely just not when you want to be in the land of nod. Hope and pray for a better night for you

  • Yea me and sleep don't get on wish we had a butting we could press and off we go x

  • I am still suffering with sinus and now gone to my ears. I am deaf in my right ear and the pain is not good! So far my chest is okay. Take care Tracey and hope all goes well.

  • Sorry to here u struggling as well life is so mean to us x

  • Fingers crossed for you, hope your chest does improve and op goes well. Last night I dreamed I was wheezing, woke up and I was, asthma dreams are rubbish.

    Hope you get a restful day today xxx

  • I've just ordered a cotton blanket off Amazon cos even my really thin summer duvet is too hot!

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