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Fantastic Helpline

Just got to give a big big THANKS to Debbi the wonderful asthma nurse I spoke to on Wed via the helpline , it was so reassuring to speak to someone who fully understands my condition. I would encourage anybody else who is struggling or is just unsure of any aspect of their treatment to use the helpline.

Unfortunately I am now on steroids for at least a week but I aim to see my GP early next week with a view to getting a referral to a Difficult Asthma clinic under the care of a specialist team. As it's seasonal I might be too late for this year, but there are other things she suggested which I can discuss with the doc.

Keep as well as possible,

Tre xxxxxxxxxx

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So pleased you found the helpline useful they are worth their weight in Gold.


Hi Tre

That's great to hear! We'll pass on the message, thanks for taking the time to post this message.

Take care,



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