I've got a rattle which seems to be on the right side of my chest and seems to go down my side. I am taking all my hayfever drugs and I am taking my Seretide as prescribed. I've been taking my Ventolin a bit more too. I have been coughing as well. I've done my peak flow reading which is 450, about normal for me now. I know this might sound a daft question but I'm not really sure if I should be going to the doctor about this. The rattle is driving me nuts and disturbing my nights. I'm thinking that if I still have it next week that I will call the med centre and ask to talk to someone. I don't really want to waste their time. Unless I've had an attack (and I always go to the doctor after one) I am never sure whether I should go see them or not. What do you all think? Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi whitfalcon2017 hope your feeling better soon I went doctors today cuz I could hear like a rattle sound and my upper back was painful my doctor said my chest was all clear and peak flow was fine they put it down to anxiety

  • Thank you for getting back to me Sarahjane. I think if I could get some sleep at night I'd like it better.

  • Awww ano horrible when we can't sleep good luck 👌

  • Thanks Sarahjane :)

  • If your peak flow is 450 that seems OK, and you are breathing, is it a coughing type rattle, I'm just not sure about the word"rattle"

  • The rattle is always there and it is that that makes me cough. I'm not really sure how to describe the rattle itself. I suppose like a child's toy when you shake it.

  • I had a rattle just before Christmas too - it was a chest infection which needed 2 different lots of antibiotics and prednisalone to clear it. Go and get it checked out - chests should not rattle!!

  • Hope your feeling better, I went to doctor too as I had a rattle , mine too was a chest infection, antibiotics and steroids cleared it up . Sounds like a chest infection to me . Go see your doctor at least he can check your lungs for you . Better safe than sorry . X

  • Hi, that rattle is it sounds like a bone cracking? Something like this:


  • Thank you all for your replies. Appreciate you all getting back to me. I'll give the med centre a call and see if I can get it checked out.

  • An update. I did call the med centre although if we want a same day appointment we have to wait for the doctor or nurse to call us back. The doctor called back and after explaining to him he made me an appointment with him this afternoon. I have an infection so I am now on antibiotics and prednisnolone ( spelling?)

    Once again, thanks all. :)

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