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Daughter Age 7 daily struggle

Hi all

Any views experience would be greatly appreciated. My daughter is 7 and has had possible asthma since she was 18 months old. I say possible as I'm not convinced as no meds are working! She is currently on 200 symbicort, 5mg montelukast. She was also recently prescribed a nasal spray but had a reaction to that - GP said too much steroids together. Since 23rd December 16 She has had 2 weeks of no symptoms. Her symptoms are a wheeze and a constant cough. She was in hospital over Easter and was prescribed 3 weeks of antibiotics. When she was in hospital we were told by a consultant that the wheeze was a noise not a wheeze?? She's had 10 days break But since Sunday the wheeze and cough are back. Sometimes ventolin helps and sometimes it doesn't! Has anyone got experience with this amount of medication and nothing working! She has been allergy tested and they all came back fine! Many Thanks.

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Have the doctors done any spirometry tests with her? That might help you & them to establish if it's asthma or something more complex. If they aren't resolving the issue, she might also benefit from a CT scan & x-rays to work out what is happening inside her lungs & airways. Wheezing can happen in various parts of the respiratory system for various reasons, so perhaps they just need to delve a little deeper.


Hi yes they have. We had a routine appointment at the hospital yesterday. We are going to be seeing consultants in Cardiff now and they are sending her for a CT scan. Putting her on antibiotics permanently (at the moment) and have prescribed another course of steroids for 5 days. They are also going to test her for cystic fibrosis (sweat test) hopefully now we may get some answers.


Hi my son is 10 he has severe allergic persistent brittle asthma. We spend 5 days out of hospital in December and had 21 admissions from October to March, he is on seretide, nedocromil, zafirlukast, budesonide, prednisolone,hydrocortisone, cetirizine and salbutamol everyday, his medication doesn't work but no other treatments availble for him as he has had biological treatments that never worked and clinicmal trial that never worked


He also had ct scan of his lungs, chest X-rays, bone density scan, spirometer test every 4 weeks, and airway inflammation test every 4 weeks


It's awful they have to go through this all the time and no answers can be found for them! It's a nightmare. Hope you find some answers soon.


Hello, I had that in my past. When anything is working I had Euphyllin injections daily. Symbicort did not work for me properly. I used prevention inhaller with Beclometasone dipropionate like Clenill Modulite 100, years later and it helped. It helps not to get to that condition when anything is working. But has to be inhaled twice a day for me, when symptoms and an worsening starting to appear. It has to be taken strictly. As I know from my own practice kids usually neglecting that forgetting to inhale or not ihaling at all. Then Ventolin is not needed. Best to control your kid inhalations all the time. Sorry for my English.

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