CBD Oil for Asthma

Hi has anyone tried CBD oil for Asthma, my girlfriend has been using it for a couple of weeks now, and we can't quite believe it how well it's worked, she no longer need her inhaler and take 3 drops under her tongue 3 times a day, there is so much stigma about cannabis but we found this comes from industrial hemp which contains none or hardly any THC just CBD which makes it legal to use and now Holland and Barret stock it hollandandbarrett.com/shop/...

But also cannabis does work, it actually opens up the airwaves, but sadly comes with the stoned effect with it

Would love to know if anyone else is using CBD with the same results, this is the best she has ever been, (her words, not mine) since she was a teenager

Vote Lib Dem, lets stop punishing people for a victimless crime who obviously need this drug for medicine

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  • How about this! I can fix my Asthma and Arthritis at the same time!

    "The NHS are testing a cannabis product for the first time

    The makers of the MediPen vaporiser are confident that by setting a precedent for testing cannabis products with this reputable body, it will have a huge impact on the public’s perception of cannabis..."


    "The MediPen® Cannabinoid Vaporizer should not be considered a medical device nor is it intended to treat or cure any disease or illness."


    or maybe not?

  • Shame its taken this long, considering cannabis was prescribed as medicine before the 1920s

  • I have some elderly people I was working with who take that and after a week of use of CBD their Alzheimer's has gone away it was unbelievable. They had both had anger attacks, she had terrible memory loss and I tell you it was like seeing two new people

  • He is 85 and she is 78

  • Hi cbdoilrules,

    Thanks for sharing. We know that some people feel they benefit from taking complementary therapies to help manage their asthma. Researchers are still investigating whether these types of treatments really work and are safe. In a case like CBD oil, there’s a lack of evidence and more high quality studies are needed before we can make a clear judgement about whether it’s likely to help. Make sure your girlfriend talks to her GP about taking it — and she doesn't stop taking her prescribed medicines.



  • Hi Dita, I'm surprised at your naivety at an alternative medicine maybe you have vested interest in the big pharmaceutical companies a bit like our government, as I said I have seen this 1st hand and the fact she hasn't had to use her inhaler for nearing 3 weeks which speaks volumes, and with no side affects as of yet and no wheezing whatsoever,it has also helped with muscular neck pain on myself in the form of a e-liquid form I have also noticed I feel a lot less stressed with my job which is very demanding, it's about time eyes were opened, maybe you should watch all the you tube videos with children having fits or people with Parkinson's or all the other people with severe illnesses can finally have some sort of normal life, I understand the legalities of the drug and the fact anyone who sells it legally in the UK is NOT allowed to say it works, which is just ridiculous as it clearly does on so many levels, i's rather believe joe blogs down the street than some lying politician that lives in the dark ages probably still taking their snuff, personally where's the harm in trying a bit of plant matter that has been used since civilization started and has never killed anyone (look it up), there is none, where as pharmaceutical drugs can have nasty side effects and kill people every year, this is just my opinion but I personally think people should give it a go, where's the harm as long as they still carry there inhaler just in case they've nothing lose and everything to gain.

  • So tru

  • They both still take their regular meds.

  • Everyone entitled to their own views and obviously this forum is about sharing our experiences. However what works for one won't work for all. Dita gave you sound advice. YouTube videos don't constitute sound research or medical evidence. The 'bit of plant matter' you're referring to can have devastating side effects for some. So where you have seen positive effects for yourself and your girlfriend, I have seen young people suicidal, self harming, terrified that they're being followed, spied on, the government bugging their flat, everyone out to get them ..... and the cause - that little bit of plant matter that in some, can induce psychosis. So, everyone to their own. It's interesting to read about your experiences but I don't think you should be encouraging people to give it a go cos there's nothing to lose. Because for some, this is just not true.

  • People who feeling spied, followed, and someone bugging feeling has completely different roots. I experienced that personally. No drug involved.

    Things worth to try. As long as inhalers are kept beside for an emergency at its lowest point.

    Good to know CBD oil exist.

    Two steps forward one step back.

  • but your talking about cannabis I was talking about CBD that is extracted from industrial hemp that contains very little or no THC

  • Just got The Guardian's article about it

    Green dreams: the growing case for medical marijuana


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