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Recent hospital admission - Still feel washed out

Morning peeps, I'm new :)

I was recently in hospital for two weeks because of my Brittle asthma - was having regular nebs / steroids / antibiotics etc - after being in for 5 days I was placed on an aminophylline infusion for 6 days - anyway I've been out of hospital 3 weeks and I'm still fighting a chest infection, have regular home nebs and feel just completed washed out... I see two respiratory consultants, but not seeing them until middle / end of June.

I'm back at work but thinking I probably shouldn't have gone back so soon as I'm literally exhausted - Any advice?


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Yes, I agree, you are right, you went back to work too early. Your body needs time to recover from the infection, and the inflammation, the stress. It needs time to rebuild the immune system,and replenish the good bacteria killed off by the antibiotics. If you are still on oral steroids, then you are vulnerable to infections. Working is stressful enough, without having to fight for every breath as well,and I bet you are not sleeping well either. In my opinion, , it always takes twice as long as you think it does to recover properly. You say you are feeling washed out. That is a signal from your body, telling you that it needs more time to rest and recover, both physically and emotionally. May I suggest you talk to your GP?


Hi HayOborn,

Sorry to hear you've been in hospital recently. It sounds like you've had a tough time with your asthma and going back to work. Because you're still experiencing symptoms, it sounds like your asthma isn't back under control, so you could chat to one of our nurses or your GP. Please feel free to give our specialist asthma nurses team a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Take care, Dita


I went through similar experience and went back to work too soon...ended up back at square careful and look after yourself.Now off work again and trying to get right balance of meds.


Get your Health sorted as a priority over work, if you can. I had to resign to take time out and address my Asthma. My life working was sleep walking for years and a danger on the road as I had sever Noctoral Asthma. Over 20 years of trying relivers/preventors with without success, I discovered Nasal surgery I had in 1995 (deviated septum) had injured the interior of my left nasal passage causing major problems with nasal cycle breathing. I am now using a nasal steriod, which is working and barly need lung inhalers. Took medics 20 years to listen to what I was saying and not treat my lungs, treat my nasal isssues. The nose is the gardian to the the Lungs. A lot of years lost due to bad turbinetes surgery. The internal workings of your nasal passage are very complex when you study thier purpose, they impact your whole body and heart pluse and rhythm, circulation, sleep pattern and sleep phases. Most GPs are not fully aware of this connection. ENS is the end result, see youtube sufferers, irreversabile damage. Now days this type of surgery is avoided I think/hope.


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