In hospital yet again

In hospital yet again . Got admitted to the acute ward with attacks and thought I was out of the woods when it happened again. Now on nebs and I don't how long I will be here. Feeling sad because I want to go home to see my parents but if I do that I will lose some of the last precious few weeks of being an undergrad torn it a good word right now. I could be feeling emotional because of all the tablets and I can't sleep.

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  • Sorry to hear about your recurrence. Asthma strikes at unpredictable times. As we have all experienced sometimes it passes just as quickly as it comes to let's keep up hope and we are all with you. Get better soon.

  • Dear Emily eagle owl I am sorry to hear that you're having a really tough time. My pray for you is that with the skill of the doctors and nurses you will be out of hospital soon. I pray that your parents find peace that you are going to be okay. As a mum of three teenagers I feel for you and your parents. I pray that your undergraduate experience is not ruined by this asthma attack.Ln Know that we hear for you.

  • Hi Emilyeagleowl sorry to hear your not to good hope you feel loads better soon take care x

  • Thanks everyone!!!!! I had a acute double dip attack and I had 3 dramatic drop in peak flows and nebs yesterday and two already today with nebs. The asthma clinic wants to see me, but its the weekend so I doubt if I will get out. My peak flow has been dropping suddenly for no good reason for ages and I have been writing it down for about a month. My peak flow chart looks like a seismic chart during an earthquake despite nebs. Which worrying and my white blood cells have come back normal so my lungs are not infected. I just keep having attacks for no good reason. Which is not good. I'm so high on ventolin right now.

  • Out of curiosity ... what other symptoms do you have when your peak flow drops? What allergies have you tested for?

  • I have no idea what allergies I have been tested for. I had blood tests and a chest X-ray and the only thing I know is my white blood cell count is normal and there is no infection. I don't know whats happening everything is in a mess because of the hacking and there was a high volume of cases coming into the acute so we all got moved. I'm up in a gastro ward which is spitting distance from the asthma specialists, which I think might have been on purpose. When my peak flow drops its like someone is sitting on my chest something heavy and a squeezing nasty horrid tightness, and I can't stop coughing. I cough so much blood vessels in my nose burst. I never wheeze much, only slightly but the spirometry test said I definitely have asthma.

    I don't get hay fever. I used to when I was kid but I grew out of it. And I used to have an allergy to yeast which the Dr said I would grow out of it by the time I was 18 and I did.

    My peak flow is still fluctuating with no rhyme or reason. Like this morning it was at 347, then 323 and now last time I checked 367.

  • Sounds harrowing. Don't be shy to take control - as a patient you have a right to know any treatment or test why it is ordered, what they are testing and what the results mean. Looks like you need to do two things: Figure out a mix of medication that works to control and look for the new trigger. Probably you developed a new allergy, it happens. Tough to do while you are having an attack if nobody is stepping in to help.

  • Hi so sorry to hear that you are in hospital , now if I was you I would do the undergrad thing you can't get that back and mum and dad will understand and no matter what they will be there when you finish . Have a chat with them and put your mind at rest . Get well as quick as you can and go enjoy you have studied you deserve this time with your friends before you part ways .Thats what my children did . Praying you get well xx😇

  • Thank you!!!!! mum and Dad visited and said fair dos. :). I love being an undergrad and I would hate to miss more of it than is absolutely necessary. xxx

  • See I told you they would understand now you have seen them and you can still go enjoy yourself with a happy heart .Now concentrate on getting well .Im so pleased for you .xx

  • I've just been discharged from hospital today because of a cute attacks. It was my first time on a ward. Like you I am also about to finish my undergraduate degree. I'm scared that I will end up back in hospital especially this close to my exams.

  • I know how you feel!!! It like why is this happening to me now? Could it have waited till after exams to go wrong. It is just sods law I think.

  • I've been in as out of A&E since September. I spent one night in resus/AMU but apart from that I'm usually in and out this Asnières I say was my first time on a ward and yup Sod's law that it's right near exam time.

  • Hi Emily

    Really sorry to hear about this but hopefully things will get sorted for you soon and everything will calm back down! Fingers crossed for a quick escape for you so that you can enjoy the last few weeks of being a student! Emotions wise you are not alone - I often find nebs and prednisolone make me teary!

    wishing you well x

  • They have let me go!!!!! Montelaukaust, Preds for a week, anti reflux meds, salbutamol twice a day for a month and two puffs of fostair twice a day, as usual. Appointment with GP and asthma clinic and I am having to defer my exams because I still feel like I have been hit in the chest with a baseball bat, and there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to study. Have gone back to the parents for a few days, the air is better then I really can enjoy being a student.

  • Yay! Congrats with your release! Hope you start to feel better soon xxx

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!! x

  • Well done and glad you are out!!

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