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Post Pnemonia Wheezing/ Coughing

Hello, ive recently had a case of pnemonia that was caused by a bacteria called Mycoplasma. Ive had 7 courses of antibiotics (mostly clarithomycin and now amoxicillin), steroids (but had to come off due to migraine side effect) and now inhalers. I also ended up getting DVT while on bed rest for this. My question is how long is the wheezing/ coughing up of think yellow/green mucus going to last? I never had asthma or anything problems lung related before Pnemonia and although im told the infections has gone im still wheezing quite badly and have lots of mucus still. Is there a chance i may have been left with permenant damage? And now possibly asthma?

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Pneumonia and asthma both affect the lungs but have completely different causes , and therefore completely different treatment .

Pneumonia is a serious complaint and I would think that a long recovery period would be normal . It is also possible that it could damage your lungs .

You really need professional advice on all this as it is impossible for us here on this forum to diagnose your problems , or to say if you have developed asthma .

Hope you feel better soon .

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Hi, I had a bacterial pneumonia heamophilus influenza in March 2016 treated with at least 3 courses of antibiotics and to date have been coughing and overproducing mucus and having other unplessnt symptoms. Have been seen by a pulmunologist and in December was put on long term antibiotics Azitromycin to take 3x a week . I have been taking it since and carbocystine to thin the mucus. I still have daily asthmatic symptoms.

You might still improve though as it is early days in your case. I think that you should have repeated blood test for mycoplasma and/ or antibodies against it. Mucus in lungs will trigger bacterial growth hence steroids won't have any effect on it. Hope you feel better soon.


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