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Any advice much appreciated!

Hi everyone, I'm still not used to the asthma diagnosis, I don't get to see a nurse but I do get to see an amazing consultant about 2-3 times a year depending on how I am. I have a sensitivity to steroids and can only take 50mcgs and I am currently having issues with my sinuses, (does anyone else have sinus with asthma issues?) anyway I have had to see an ENT consultant and I have to go for a CT scan as they are not sure if it's my nasal passage that's inflamed or polyps, as I can't be treated with steroid nasal sprays due to a bad reaction I have been told to get a sinus rinse as it may help, I've picked up a NeilMed one from the chemist, I was wondering if any of you have used one and did it help? I'm feeling a little down this week,I think I've picked up a cold and I'm pretty sure you all know how it feels when you already have issues 😔 Currently in bed as not much sleep last night, today is the coughing etc..etc...

any advice would be fantastic 👍 Thanks all x

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Hi Matilda1, sorry you are having such a tough time, when it's tough it's really tough. I have used the NeilMed kit myself although I was/still am using steroid nasal spray. I did find it helpful particularly for the coughing. Although at first I had to use it about 4 times daily. Hope you get some relief take care P.


I have sinus issues but mine are allergy related I can actually sneeze blood but increase in anti histamines (I take fexofenadine 180 mg daily but can take up to 3) and after a few days it goes away (unless I don't increase the anti histamine then it lingers)


Neil Med, really does help, but its a bit of a faff to get use to. I would say persevere with it. It takes a while to start having an effect, and don't nasal rinse too close to bedtime, thats a disaster. Its also worth using an antihistamine, if you aren't already.

Good luck



Thank you for your replies 😊 Going to give the Neil med a go, I'm sensitive to all medications and so I can't have antihistamines too,it's so tricky.I have noted about not doing the rinse too close to bedtime 👍

Thanks again


My mum has the same sinus issue, and is allergic to steroids. Her conditions worsens when the grass is mowed then it slowly back to normal. Neil Med might be a good relief

Good Luck!!


Sorry you are in the cycle yes we all go through it at various points in our lives. I live in pollen central so it's a series of skirmishes in a protracted 3 month war every spring, yes sinus, nose, hayfever, astma - check all of the above.

A dentist of all people gave me this sinus trick years ago and I'm generally much better controlled than my peer group: Sudafed and Ibuprofen. The mixture to helps tamp down the sinus inflamation. These days I take 1 Sudafed PE (phenylephrine) and Ibuprofen 200 mg every four hours, starting first thing on the morning if my itchy nose detects a bad pollen day brewing. (for me the actual allergy peaks around 4pm but if I get ahead of the curve it's much better. Fighting it off once you are deep in the quicksand is much harder).

Throw in a few chlortrimetons and then of course your astma stuff and good to go. The Sudafed PE takes time to work, so important to take every 4 hours even if you're winning. A lot of days I'll just take one Ibu with the first and keep going with PE - the PE is very mild for me and does not make me jumpy like Psuedoephedrine. Big fan of Qnasl and Qvar - note that corticosteroids are quite personal and if you find one you respond to well you might only need a very low dose. Keep switching until you find it.

I have a belief which I can't prove that tamping down the sinus and nose issues helps the asthma.


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