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Worried about GP appointment and feeling trapped

Sorry everyone I've got to get this out. The fostair 200/6 has helped a bit and my twitchy lungs hurt a lot less but they still are flaring up from exposure to everything perfumes, deodorants washing powder the lot. I'm still taking the blue reliever inhaler 8-10 times a day, as the hospital drs said do that till your review appointment if you feel bad. My peak flow doesn't drop much but the coughing and tight chest feeling is unbearable.

I've got a drs appointment on Tuesday, I'm on my last day of Preds tomorrow and I'm worried. I'm scared that whatever medicines won't work again like last time. I can't go out much at the moment because my main trigger is air pollution. You can taste it in the air and it lasts for 2-3 hours after the last spike in traffic and people moving around. And since that happens early morning, the school run, mid afternoon with parents picking kids up and then the evening rush hour its rather hard to get out.

My other pet peeve is walking behind someone who is smoking and not realising, people who smoker clustering by the doors so you can't avoid them and smoking in queues. It drive me mental. Damp days and the mould spores that comes with them is a pain in the neck but like the rush hour spike there is nothing I can do about it.

I just really hope this gets fixed soon. I feel really trapped. Its my last few weeks as an undergraduate at uni and I don't want this to spoil it any more than it has already.

I feel better now! thanks x

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Hi Emily

Glad to know at the fostair seems to be helping you a bit, but sorry to hear that you're still getting triggered by things you can't avoid 🙁. However it's good to know that you're following the hosp advice regarding you vent (tho it does sound like a lot!)

If you're worried you can ring the surgery and ask for a phone consultation if you don't want to/ can't go in (they should be able to organise a prescription if they think you need it). I can understand your feelings especially as we are approaching the weekend, but don't be worried to go to out of hours GP or back to the hospital if you're feeling worse! Listen to your body and don't ignore it!

However try not to think about it too much (v difficult I know) because that can also make you feel worse. Personally (and as irritating as it is) I would stay in/get friends to come to me at the moment so that you can do some things (revise/relax/celebrate etc) without the risk of triggering again and getting worse. I know how you feel - also in my final year (8 weeks left) and have 2 exams and a portfolio to go which I'm stressing about cause I've been unable to do anything for the last couple of months 😫.

I hope that they get you through this rough patch quickly and that you manage to avoid another hospital trip! If you need advice asthma uk nurses are brilliant! Stay safe and stay strong x

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Hi, thanks for your reply Emma. Its very frustrating isn't it not being able to do the work you know you have to do but still can't do anyway!!! And some people are way ahead of you.

It is a lot of ventolin/subutamol. I'm still on the fostair and antibiotics, preds, so I rattle when I walk nearly and spray out gases like bellows ;).

I won't ignore it if it gets worse, there was probably a time when I would have done but not any more.

Fingers crossed they listen to me at the appointment. I have been keeping a diary on my computer/phone about what the triggers are and what my peak flow is, the coughing etc. The dr at the hospital said check about dusting and maybe change your sheets more. He said when I was student I didn't change my sheets for months...(I was thinking ew ew ew, who does that I change my sheets once a week when I do my washing how is this possible) so thats not it.

I think hiding is a good idea and studying and only going out for class is a good idea too. I studied with my friend on campus yesterday and boy am I paying for it now. I can't stop the coughing fits today.

Hope you are feeling ok :).

Emily x

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Hi Emily

It is really tough having lots of triggers and ending up just having to stay inside. I am much better when I can just stay inside in my own house but it does feel really isolating.

Hopefully at your appointment they might come up with something helpful. I've tried lots of different med combinations and keep getting some improvements. My GP is really trying to find a way to control my allergies more. Don't be worried about phoning your surgery for advice if you are getting worse.

Good luck with uni and very much hope you feel better soon. Xxx

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