DPI vs MDI ventolin inhaler

Hi everyone

Just a quick question as to whether anyone is on a DPI blue inhaler and what caused you to change? Do you find it easy to use when you're having flare ups/attacks?

I'm currently on DPI fostair/spiriva because I have issues using the MDI devices generally but especially when I'm not well. My ventolin is currently an MDI (which I have to use through a spacer to use anyway) which I can use ok though I struggle to use any other brand or the CFC-free variety of my current brand. It's been suggested I try a DPI but I'm unsure how I would cope with it during an attack situation.

Does anyone have any views on this matter?

Thanks x

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  • I've been on both but am currently on Symbicort which is a DPI.

    I've found the DPI's generally easier and I find them more effective.

    When I was on ventolin I had both DPI and MDI inhalers at the same time. The DPI was for when I was struggling and/or didn't have a spacer to hand; it was also a double dose in one inhale meaning I got hard hitting impact fairly quickly instead of having to take the MDI twice (if that makes sense) meaning it was generally more effective.

    I think it is probably a very personal thing as to whether you will cope with it. Ask if you can have an DPI to run along side your to run along side your MDI for one inhaler to see how you cope with it. If you don't manage it then you have your MDI to fall back upon.

  • Thank you for your thoughts and advice. Think I'll ask to try an DPI next time I visit GP so I can compare and see how I cope with it ☺️

  • I agree with Beth_19.

    I've had both over the years and I would say that DPI inhalers are much easier to use and as a result have a much greater impact on my asthma. I currently have accuhalers for both my preventer (flixotide) and my ventolin reliever. I do have a ventolin evohaler for use with a spacer device in case my asthma gets so severe I don't have the ability to breathe in sharply enough to use the accuhalers, but that has only happened once in the past ten years (in conjunction with a very bad infection). Most of the time the accuhaler version is perfectly adequate.

    The real problem with the evohaler version is just how impractical it is. Without a spacer (which are large, cumbersome and so cannot be tucked away in a pocket or handbag) evohalers are not that easy to use well. There is no counter device on the ventolin versions either (or there isn't on mine) making it nigh on impossible to track how much ventolin is left. When I was on evohalers for my preventer as well, I also found that the delivery of the drug became less effective once more than half of the doses had been used up. In short, the evohaler has significant design flaws that need to be addressed and should have been done so years ago.

  • Thanks for your experiences. Yup it's hard to carry the spacer all the time and it's not exactly discreet... I have also been caught out a couple of times where my pump's run out on me and I've had to use someone else's until I got home. Currently find the CFC inhalers a lot less effective generally but I have noticed my normal inhaler helps less when it's starting to run out too and I hadn't considered the fact that this doesn't happen with my other DPIs! Think I'm gonna give it a try and see how it goes x

  • You will need to make sure that you rinse out really thoroughly after using a DPI steroid inhaler. I use mine before I clean my teeth so I can then gargle and rinse out, clean teeth, and gargle and rinse out again. I was also told by one respiratory consultant that I should try to rinse out after using a ventolin inhaler (which was a new one on me), though he did also acknowledge that that was not always possible.

  • I've recently read a fairly scholarly article that comes down firmly in favour of Powder Inhalers but with the caviat that - as always - patient ease of use / preference remains a key factor.

    I use a Fostair Powder Inhaler which I'm doing reasonably well on but am conscious of the fact I tend to take quite a strong / forceful inhalation (though whether doing so is actually essential to get a full dose of drug, I've not tested yet). I wonder if I would be able to Inhale as much of the drug if I had a serious attack to cope with.

    Am unaware of any option to get Ventolin in a powdered form rather than MDI (can you?).

    As an aside, I've used a standard MDI Ventolin Inhaler for tens of years but - since my respiratory issues suddenly got worse a couple of years ago - I've found Ventolin less helpful in attacks and Fostair (with its LABA) seems to give greater relief - though I still keep a Ventolin Inhaler on stand-by.

  • Ventolin is certainly available in accuhaler format which I always understood was a dry powder inhaler. That is what I have , though as I said I do also have an evohaler and spacer in case of a very severe exacerbation.

    Personally I prefer dry powder inhalers, but this could be because the first asthma medication I was put on was the Intal Spinhaler which was a DPI. When I was put on it aged eight and a half it changed my life - it was fantastic! I was on it for about eighteen years.

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