Air purifiers and asthma

Hi everyone

This time of year my husband always says should we try am air purifier. I have severe asthma with allergies and am really trying for better control.

People who use them (or know anything about them) what are your thoughts please?

Do they work? What should I be looking for? Can anyone recommend which one is good? Do people buy one and move it around or is it better to have 2 ?

I think it has to be hepa but not ionic, but that is all that I know

Thanks in advance xxx

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  • I'm glad you asked this as both me and my wife were thinking of buying one.

  • Hi Emily

    I invested in a Dyson air purifier last year & it was definitely worth the expense, it amazed me how it kicked in when the pollen levels went high. I just moved mine room to room, I stayed indoors more last year due to an operation - timed for the season - I stayed well while I was indoors & im sure that was largely due due to to the air purifier. If you buy direct from Dyson you get a 14 day money back Guarantee.

    Good luck x

  • Hi

    Thank you for your reply. I am very tempted by the dyson, it is just quite a lots of money if it doesn't work for me. The 14 day money back is good to know about.

    I am inside at home most of the time because of my allergies so the dyson might be worth a try

    Thank you xxx

  • Which one did you get? I am thinking of this, just that it's a lot of money if it doesn't help me much, and I wondered which would be the best.

  • I'm still trying to decide about this... I'm tempted by the homedics (I need to work out which size ), but I do like the look of the dyson but not so much the price!!

    I've got GP on Tues so might ask her what she thinks


  • My local hospital has recently done research into air purifiers and night allergic asthma symptoms (apparently - my GP told me!). From the sounds of it they found that for some asthmatics air purifiers can really help with nighttime symptoms, but it doesn't help everyone (I would expand this out to day symptoms too as the problem is the same).

    I tried a cheap one (student) but this didn't help me too much - seemed to cool the air and 'dry' it it almost like AC does and my lungs didn't like it (AC is a trigger 😕). Once I'm earning I may try again with a more expensive one tho...

    When I originally discussed with GP he said use it and should see a change within a week if no change it's doing nothing - so the dyson 14 day return is a good idea!

    Hope that helps x

  • Thank you, that helps me understand something the consultant said last time I saw him. If improvements would show in a week trying one that can be returned sounds like a very good idea. Xxx

  • Definitely worth trying especially if it's hayfever based cause we all know when we start to trigger from it. Personally I'd wait until I know I'm suffering then try it so I can see if there is a difference or not, rather then uming and ahing over it ( it preventing the hayfevr before it's started etc) then missing the return deadline only to decide later that it doesn't help...

    Yup GP said about a week (continuously in one room) for a result (for night symptoms)... don't know about moving it around tho and how that would effect timeframe... 😕

  • I have two Homedics air purifiers. One in the lounge and a smaller one on the bedroom. It definitely helps me. Online or I bought one from Argos.

    I have not tried the Dyson one .

  • I've been looking at the homedics ones online - they do look good to me.

    I'm trying to work out how big my room is... Thinking if I got one and moved it up into my bedroom before I go to bed I could see how I was getting on before buying two (if that makes sense)

    I think I looked at them last year but ended up buying nebuliser instead.

    Do you have to change the filters often?

    Thank you xxx

  • I bought one to start with and put it in bedroom a couple of. Hours before bed.

    It says to change the filter 12to18months. I do so yearly online. I vacuum the filter gently about every1..2 months.

    There is also a filter clean warning light on the larger one.

    Works for my allergic asthma . May not work for everybody.

  • Hi, my allergies are my big problem too. My consultant wasn't sure it would work for me because I'm allergic to a lot of stuff out and about. I'm finding tho that I spend a lot of time at home and maybe it's worth at least trying.

    Thank you for your help 😊 xxx

  • There are several Specialised Medical Quality Purifiers / Air Condtioners worth reading the online reviews for, as some of the info provided is quite illuminating.

    Maybe you could get one on approval to evaluate, or even hire one for just a couple of weeks before committing to a purchase. I guess you could even buy one to assess and return it within any period that guarantees full refund if you're not satisfied.

    Electricity Cost can be an issue but some folk apparently just run them in their bedroom for an hour or two before sleeping rather than all the time, and seem to get overnight benefits. Probably could do something similar only when symptoms get worse.

  • Hi - I hadn't thought about the running cost, I'll have a look into that, and the online reviews. I'm not sure how much they need to be on to make a difference but I was hoping just to run it all the time. Maybe would make better sense to just have it on a couple of hours a day.

    Thank you for your advice 😊 xxx

  • I bought a PureZone hepa air purifier and I am very pleased with it.

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