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Hi, can anyone help with my really silly fear of using my epipen.

I have had pens for a long time and have a very big fear of using them, of what will happen if/when I use them.

I have multiple allergies and severe asthma and some of my triggers are unknown. When my asthma allergy thing really takes a dive I nebulise and take extra antihistamine. My GP says I have been lucky that this works so far for me.

My big fear is going into hospital (and being kept in). I have 4 kids, one very very on the autistic spectrum who need me at home.

Can anyone reassure me about what happens when you use epipen, at the hospital. Do I really have to phone 999. Or is it ok to stay at home and speak to GP in the morning?

Sorry for asking silly questions xxx

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Hi Emily

Sorry it's so bad for you, and that you have a lot going on at home that you need to stay well for.

Personally don't have an epi-pen, so can't help you too much but I know if you do use it you do need to go to a&e because it may just give a short term solution which could cause you to crash again if you don't get help. Sometimes you may need no extra help but it's important you go just in case, so don't wait til the next day (esp if you don't have a spare!!!).

Try not to worry too much about using them, if you need it, you need it! Hopefully there is someone else at home who would be able to help you out if worst came to worst and you are admitted. Usually (for me anyway) the earlier I get help the shorter time I'm admitted so try to keep it as a short term issue (a couple of days), rather than leaving it and then having to stay in longer!

Your kids are important, but so is looking after yourself and I'm sure everyone would prefer disruption and chaos for a few days than the possibility of you not coming home again (as that is how serious it could get 😔) but I understand how difficult this is with dependants (and an autistic child) at home.

Hope you find the answers you're looking for on here, if not try speaking to your nurse/GP/consultant about your worries/concern



Hi Emma

Thanks for getting back to me. I have a doctors appointment next week to review my kenalog. I ll take a list of questions then I think.

I have 2 epipens and I do take them with me everywhere, I am such a coward about hospital, I know it's really silly.


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It's not silly! We all cope in our own ways and I should imagine that all of us dislike hospitals and will do our upmost to stay out of them!!!

Stay safe, and if you're worried/concerned about anything (which you might forget) then write it down so that you remember!

Also the asthma uk nurses are excellent so give them a call if it can't wait!




I have 2 epipens for severe food allergies. It's very understandable to be scared about using them. You must use them in a life threatening anaphlaxis or ensure someone else injects you if you are unable to do so. In the event of needing them inject or get someone else to and then phone 999 Imeadietlly. You must go to hospital of you have injected as the anaphylaxis can come back. I have injected my self and others have injected me. You may have to stay in overnight or at least for several hour. Ensure you get new epipens before leaving hospital.

You can get the practice pens to teach your family how to use them so you know that they will know what to do. I'm 21 but if you need them you will not care about being scared of using them more scared of dieing.

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Thank you for your reply.

It's very helpful to hear what happens and what to expect. My husband and 2 of my older kids know how and when to use the pens. And my closest friends know I carry them.

Thank you for the info. Take care xxx


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