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Hello Asthma friends

Hello Asthma friends

Spring turned into winter with fresh snow on the mountains.

I am aching a lot. Apart from all the tests under the sun, like coloscopy and immunology, things are better.

I am tapering down the Seretide 250mg. They are not sure I have asthma. They think it is the dyspnea from the LAM (lymphangioleiomyomatosis) so they want to see..I have halved my 4 puffs every six weeks so I am down to 1 puff. Next respiratory functions on May 29th. I can still rely on Ventolin and Atrovent up to 6 puffs a day. It's been ok, my voice is slowly coming back. I have a hospital appointment about that next week.

There is a test they can do they irritate your bronchia to see if your asthma flares up. I won't put myself through that. I will soon see if my asthma flares up when I am finally off the Seretide altogether.

It would be nice to be off a steroid inhaler. They have insisted on the steroids nose spray Avamys, Nasonex was giving me nose bleeds.

If not still going to the hospital gym twice a week and having physio once or twice a week.

Moving certainly helps. I haven't been swimming for a long time because of vapors etc but I am ready to try that again.

Hope you are keeping well xx


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Hi there Fran,

You do lead a busy life, only wish it were less medically based! Here in Cheshire we have blue sky's and spring flowers a plenty today, a lovelly time of the year. I have noticed the continued spread of oil seed rape in the verges etc and, as we know, that's not great for the hay fever sufferers amoungst us😕

I'm busy catching up after sister and husband over from Spain. Working on my summer house today. As for my own breathing journey, my specialist was unable to prescribe oxygen as he says my lung conditions are stable, but annoyingly he would not advise me on what machine I could try. I'm going to have to take the plunge and just get a second hand one from eBay. If you recall I want to trial it as it did seem to help my CFS....

I liked the photo you attached. I still don't know how to do that from my iPad as I can't see an attachment button. As always I hope that your journey improves. I can almost feel that fresh mountain air!😊

Take care,

Gino x💐

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Hi Gino

Good to chat with you again 😊

I thought I was allergic to plants but they did 40 pricks would you believe, 20 on each arm 😱and found nothing special, still I always have a blocked up nose when comes Spring so who knows..

I have one of those oximeter nowadays I am not supposed to go under 90. I am usually around 93 to 95. Sorry you don't have a supportive specialist. Associations are good. I got a brand new aerosol from the local lung foundation.

Are you far from Nottingham? That's where the LAM action group is. I think the hospital is more lung oriented than others.

It is so wet here at the moment just awful. I hope to go to Mum's in the south in June get some sea air down my lungs.

Keep well Gino 🎶🍸

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Oh that sounds like a lot to be coping with. I am always a wee bit worried about being sent for more tests.

Hope that everything goes ok - specially the swimming , is it a non chlorine pool? Look after yourself and take care and good luck xxx

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Hi Emily

They love tests here they charge your medical insurance for them so I am suspicious..some I know are essential but others forget it.

I am not sure it is non chlorine I have to see if it is not too strong anyway.

Thank you for your message. You take care Emily xx

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