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Hi everyone hope all well I'm been out on to another ward as ours on lock down due to flu on a surgi ward bit different as haven't got a clue about asthma so got to show them how to do stuff lol hopefully a bed will come up on respitory soon so I can move be up there where they r trained for it I'm in a side room on my own bit boring but keeps the bugs at bay well everyone sleep well I hope I will after the last 3 nights no sleep driving me mad well that's me take care everyone and good night x

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Got to have another cannula in my vain had enough of this one 4th time lucky waiting the doc to come and do it what fun if they can find a vain not looking forward to it roll on next week eek when pick line can go in. Had morphine so that should help with the pain along with the rest of the aches and pains

EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Tracey1972

😫. Have a good (uninterrupted) sleep tonight in the side room! Hope everything gets sorted soon and that there is a forcefield around you killing off any bugs that dare to even look at you 😋. Sleep tight x

Tracey1972 in reply to EmmaF91

No chance on all the steroid going around my body that's what the nurse said I bet u don't get lot of sleep with the steroids and the hydro no chance might get few hours if lucky but thanks anyway take care

EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Tracey1972

I spend my time 'drifting' when I'm like that, eyes shut, ears plugged into some kind of noise (music/audiobook/white noise etc) and just try to focus on the sound not the situation (tho I know others who meditate like this so...). I don't slept but I find it a good imitator cause I have a focus for one of my senses but the others can 'switch off' if you like, but am still awake (if that makes sense?)

Gets me through steroid/med insomnia (and also when I'm too tired to sleep if you understand) and how I managed 4 days on the trot with a total of about 10 hrs sleep (though it did freak out the nurses who would come in and assume I was asleep til they turned around and I was sat up wide awake 😂). I did completely crash the day I got home (like 10-12 hrs with only a few v short awakenings) now my bodies back to keeping me awake cause of meds/symptoms I think 😒. Always nice when a nurse is positive tho 😅.

Thinking of you, and hope things start to go your way soon x

Tracey1972 in reply to EmmaF91

Thank u I need it just put it in and very sore x

Hope you get some sleep. In what world does anyone put someone with severe asthma on a ward where there is flu to begin with. I would have been hysterical.

I guess you will have to be on the ball so to speak, as I guess no one in surgical will have a clue about asthma meds and dosing etc.

thinking of you. Hope things get better soon

R x

Tracey1972 in reply to risabel59

Thanks yea a lady was brought onto the ward with and no one new so had to close the ward before it spread touch wood I think I've got away with it hope u doing ok take care

I hope you manage to get some sleep Tracey.

Take care

Thanks and u night guys x

Hope you sleep a little bit better tonight. You are over the worst so things can only get better. Lots of love xxxx

Tracey1972 in reply to Karjade

That's so true very sore hand now going to try and get some sleep now so I say goodnight xx

I hope you are safe from the flu, and get a bed in the right place.

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