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Asthma and acid Reflux


Having been off omeprazole for two weeks as per request of GP. I then had a stool sample taken to see if there was any bugs. Test back negative for buts I was told that I was to go back onto the medication so need to reorder it. I also asked for a telephone consultation with the GP who asked for the test. Any other words of wisdom to help. I have a non acid diet due to other long term health condition. I do need to lose some weight but working on that. Just checking I haven't missed anything apart from the raising of the bed at the head end.

I am wondering if the acid reflux I had been taking the tablets at that point is to blame for me not being able to come off my combination inhaler to just a preventer. Thoughts please

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Only additions to preventing acid reflux I can think of straight off is to remember to eat no later than 1830hrs in the evening, and don't bend over, lie down or slouch (or anything that might result in pressure being applied to the sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach) within a hour or two of finishing a meal. I have also read somewhere that drinking fluids through the duration of a meal rather than after eating has finished can help.

Sorry about that. You are right. Reflux can keep you from getting off inhaler for longer.

However, it is a vicious cycle because Asthma medications, like salbutamol have a relaxing effect on muscles which can also include the stomach sphincter muscle.

During a course of asthma medication you may get reflux as an effect.

You can try timing your meals and medications in such a way that your inhaler unless it is an emergency is used about 2 hours after a meal.

Also, do not sleep until 3hours after a meal.

I have terrible reflux- I did not know it was this bad until the last few months on asthma medication. I would feel burnt on the inside- it was that bad.

And the acid can irritate lungs an upper airway, all the way to the ears.

So it needs to be controlled.

Reflux can lead to bronchospasm, asthma attacks. It can also lead to ear issues, neck and vocal chord issues.

I reduced size of meals, less acidic meals but the body will still have to digest. I changed time of meals too.

It will take discipline. But it has helps.

I just take zantac or rantidine on prescription, 150mg twice a day, controls my reflux really well.

Thanks for all those pearls of wisdom. It is great to have no acid reflux today because back on omperolaze 20mg this morning. I take it or have been taking it before breakfast not giving it an hour to work. Have to get up at 6 am breakfast at 6:30am after getting up two sleepy teens. So I need better disclipne at waiting to eat. Hard but it will worth it. I am talking another medication for other long term health condition. As to be taken on empty stomach 3 X a day. 95% don't eat after 6:30 pm.

I was thinking that the extra stress of the last 4 months with family matters sure hasn't helped I going to do a stress management course shortly I'm sure that will help a lot. Plus signed up to asthma UK 12 week course on managing your asthma. They advertise it here. Concentrates on mental health of dealing with asthma. A lot of us don't realise the emotional cost of this disease.

Managed it this morning awake at 5am took omeprazole and other medication went back to sleep.

Update had a talk with one of my GPs on the phone yesterday and said take them for two months and then see if I can wean myself off of them. Taking them one every other day and then one perhaps a week. I think he said he was hoping that would settle it down.

Hi Everyone, Had a really bad day yesterday off my Ranitadine & Losec (omeprazole) 3 days to get ready for my endoscope on Tuesday Am. The acid reflux was awful yesterday, I had serious burning pain most of the afternoon and especially all evening. Slept upright using my pillow lifter, eventually fell asleep exhausted at 4amish til 8am. Can't wait to go back on my 80mg losec and 300 mg Ranitadine on Tuesday after my endoscope. I needed lots of peptac liquid yesterday evening but the relief only lasted for a few minutes. Tried eating yoghurt then rice pudding which usually help, but this didn't work either.

Hoping I have a better day today and Monday, pondering what to eat today to keep it in check?

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