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What a difference a day makes

Well had a bad few day/weeks chest infections steroids but woke up this morning feeling good took my meds last day on prednisone ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸปStill 2 days of antibiotics to go fostair and atrovent inhalers taken but ventolin not needed so far, so I'm going to go into town and treat myself to a new dress. Fingers crossed I've turned a corner it's amazing how asthma can change so much. Hope you are all doing ok and thanks for the support xx

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WEll back from town dress bought (seen it on line so went straight to the shop to see if I liked it) and I did then to M&S for a few bits and came home. Had to use ventolin once walking around but only once really tired now so going to relax and hope it's another good day tomorrow for us all xx

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It is amazing the difference in mental state that getting of asthma and the recovering of it is. I have had a good three months but when my breathing is sinking I feel like dusting my will off and writing my obituary. However I have yet found the need to go out shopping, but each to there own.


Meant their


Yay - so glad you had a better day. Hope you are still on the mend. Xxx


Thank you Emily-G but spoke far too soon ๐Ÿ™


Oh no - I'm so sorry. It is rubbish when we start to feel better, get all positive and asthma decides to stamp its feet again.

Take care xxx


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