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I have well controlled asthma until it flares up usually after a cold which turns into a chest infection and it takes a couple of months to settle down. The last 2 years ive had bad bronchitis which did get better..eventually, but ive had really bad heartburn and reflux after this too. I did take Lanzaprozole anyway and I known steroids can cause this but every time I eat and drink i now do a really deep couple of coughs and produce thick phlegm balls I think from my airways and I get wheezy. Im trying to work out what's causing this? The colder the food the worse the cough etc.

Is it that my reflux has developed more?

Is it the extra weight ive put on?

Is it the seretide I take 4 x 250 a day?

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Have you seen a consultant? You may need to get a Ct scan. Unless you've had one recently.

It's so difficult to know with Gerd. I have very mild reflux sometimes. And it can affect my asthma. I also have cylindrical Bronchiecstasis, either caused by whooping cough or asthma as a child and it produces mucus that gets stuck. It can only be diagnosed through a Ct scan.

However it may be worth you trying active cycle breathing and mucus clearing techniques. There are some great videos on you tube, and if you can get one, an appointment with a respiratory physiotherapist might be helpful.



Thanks it helped me to write down whats happened and is going on and there is a link to my reflux and coughing for sure im going to foucus on getting that under control lose a bit of weight and see what happens.

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