Asthma, cough, wheeze and acid reflux

I am becoming increasingly interested in the theory I keep reading about the link between acid reflux and asthma symptoms. How can I test if I have acid reflux? I'm slim and don't smoke.

Any tips or recommendations? I'd like to be able to try some things out at home before going to the docs about this as, quite frankly, I'm sick of the site of the place!😬

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  • Hi,

    Try the LPR diet or the Alkaline Diet. If your symptoms reduce then you may be on to something.

    Take care

  • I've been looking at this just today. Do you suffer from this Weezer?

  • I have only recently been diagnosed however i am denial over this diagnosis. I have a big group of food and general allergies and I am histamine intolerant so i am unable to avoid my asthma trigger. I am in general in denial over the whole reflux dilemma where there is already a pre-existing food allergy and asthma. Do you have a good GP?

  • I do, and a good asthma nurse. I've recently been to see a respiratory consultant and I'm going for CT scans next week. I keep getting nasty chest infections so they want to see what's going on. I suspect acid reflux is playing a part in my chest tightness and wheeze... I've had lots of antibiotics, steroids etc over the last year and have several inhalers so I think my system might be a bit out of sorts.

  • maybe even try the nearest health food shops. Doesn't hurt to add natural remedies like peppermint tablets (colpermin) or tea. Even a centaury herb is really good for reflux (so i have heard im looking that up today!). I am a bit careful of reflux medications as they interact with some of my asthma meds.

    Also bear in mind antibiotics and stuff like lansoprozole/omeprazole clash and raise the levels in the blood of both drugs.

    At the moment i am watching my diet as i would rather treat the cause and not the symptoms. Have you been allergy tested? Do you know what your triggers are?

  • The respiratory consultant is sending me for allergy testing too. I have no idea... other than pollen as I have always had hayfever and I think my lungs are so hyper sensitive at the moment it's having an effect for sure.

    I've got some peppermint tea so I'll give it a go. I think I read about ginger too....

  • With asthma be very careful. I have pretty bad asthma and one flare means im off sick for 6 months and then the steroids. I end up triggering my skin disorder off and then im back to researching natural remedies and alternative treatments! Its far more simple to get LPR/GERD/ GORD or reflux under control than to have an epic asthma flare up.

    At your referral they can do loads of tests to work it out. I had a reflux test done which i passed then I was later diagnosed with LPR and not GERD. Ginger is amazing for asthma cough too..

  • You can buy over the counter omeprazole nowadays. It's weaker than the prescription version but if it improves the symptoms then that might be an indication.

  • I'll have a trip to boots tomorrow, thanks!

  • I took ompeprazole for two months to see if it would help my reflux it did. Now off it waiting for result of stool test to see if I have a bug if not then back on ompeprazole.

  • Hi ive got a hiatus hernia which basically means the muscle on bottom of my ospegus dont work just had second op to repair it back in 2011 i started not being able to breath for the next four years they thought and treated me for asthma until i pushed them enough to listen to me as in myself i felt ok just couldnt breathe felt like someone was holding my throat anyway in 2015 had a camera down my nose into throat it diagnosed vcd which was caused by reflux i had no idea i had reflux then later had another camera which i kept in for 8 hrs it tells you how bad your reflux is id like to point out that some of the asthma reducing mucus medicine is bad if you have reflux and i only found that out two months ago hope this helps

  • I kept burping, pain and suffered breathlessness. I kept going back to the doctors for two years and he kept treating me for asthma because of the breathlessness. In the end I insisted I had an endoscopy and he reluctantly agreed. I was diagnosed in November with a hiatus hernia and Barrett's Oesophagus! I have that now to worry about but if he had sent me sooner I may not have the Barrett's. Don't leave it and insist on an endoscopy to put your mind at rest. I truly believe there is a connection between asthma and reflux but not sure how. Maybe it is the asthma inhalers causing reflux but doctors do not agree with this so I have given up asking.

  • Thanks for the advice. I'm going to try a two week trial of eating less acidic foods and taking antacids and see if I see a difference. I went to bed last night, coughing and wheezing, took a Gaviscon and within 15 mins I was fine and woke up this morning feeling good.

    If this carries on I will be able to see my gp/consultant with some evidence.

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