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Hi - sorry in advance if this turns into a moany post. I am having a mixed reaction to the kenalog injection I had last Monday.

So far the big positive is a big improvement in my skin - it is normally covered in allergic rashes and eczema and there still is rashy bits but not nearly so much.

Asthma wise though it's been a wee bit of a disappointment. My chest has been really flarey since I went on a day out with my wee boy last weekend. I don't know if Id ve been fine if I hadn't gone out. I'm feeling a bit upset because I just would love to do normal outside stuff with my wee lad while he is still little and I am fed up of letting friends down (I've had to cancel everything this week because of being too shaky after nebs.

The next injection is supposed to be a double dose in a fortnight. I don't know if the better skin is a sign that the double dose will work, or if the day out trigger was just unlucky or if the jab just isn't working... And I am so fed up of complaining and being tired (sorry for whinging)

Other positive is I ve not had any side effects and I have been so paranoid about gaining weight that I lost a pound (haha not much but still woohoo)

Anyway sorry for being moany, hope everyone is as well as they can be.


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