Hi everyone hope u all well me not having a good one chest tight and feeling very low had few tears today don't know y just feeling tearful wish I new y hate feeling like this don't know what's brought it on , had a letter to go for my ore op on my wrist on 9th may to c about removal of the plate and in pain with arthritis in my thumb it's all swollen doc sent urgent letter to bone doc and got letter yesterday to make appointment to have steroid injection in it but they saying there's a 15week wait so not happy as it hurts bad and swollen in rbh next week so have lots rest well that's my rant hope u have a good day take care


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  • It is not surprising that you are feeling glum, with everything you are having to cope with. Can I ask ( though reckon you will have) tried wearing the arthritis gloves, the ones that are fingerless, - remind me of Fagin from the musical Oliver. The online store beginning with A sells them. They do help me, though mine might be at an earlier stage to yours. You will be tired, and you are struggling to breathe. No wonder. Have an ice cream, or go outside and scream at the world. Things will be better next week. Let us know how you get on. Thinking of you.

  • Hi Tracey so sorry to hear how hard you are struggling you are such a brave lady in fact you are more special than chocolate and unicorns combined lots of gentle supportive hugs 😘

  • Hi no i got a splint they gave me with the metal bar in it x

  • Awwwwww sorry your feeling unwell Tracey hope you feel better soon big hugs Hun xx

  • Tracye, you have been fighting for so long and you just lost your dog, sometimes a good cry is actually what you need to do. 😘

  • Yea I know but I'm not that type normally but think just everything got to me and I burst x

  • Sorry that your having a bad day. I know it's rotten when you're in pain and you have to wait for ages, to get some relief. I hope everything goes well.

  • Makes it worse I have pain in feet I suffer with Plantar Fasciitis so painful to walk like walking on knives got special insoles etc but pain is so hard x

  • I know, constant pain can wear you down. I hope you get some relief soon.

  • I am so sorry Tracey you are feeling so low. You are allowed to feel sorry for yourself as you have been so strong for so long and we never hear you complain. You are a very brave lady and I know I would have given up months ago but you haven't and we all admire and love you for that. Have a good cry and don't feel bad about it as you are truly admired for your bravery and positiveness and put many of us to shame especially me xxxxxx

  • Thank u such nice words u r saying means a lot. Like I said before there's always someone worse than me out there so just try and keep going but I think it's got to me it's beat me x

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