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Peak flow

Mild asthmatic here! My dr and I have been messing around with my meds for a while now. I'm currently on pulmicort 400 mg twice a day after increasing from 200 twice a day three months ago. After increasing the dose I didn't relally notice a decrease in symptoms, but my pef got way better... for one week! At the time I was at 95% of my personal best in the morning. But now for the past two months I haven't been able to get above 85% of my personal best unless I take a puff of ventolin. 85% is in the green zone, so I guess it's within the normal. It bothers me that I can't get it any higher and the only thing that works is ventolin, both with pef and night time wheezing.

Should I ask to try a different medicine? Or am I just making a fuss about minor details? Have any of you managed to hit your personal best without ventolin?

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The nature of ventolin is that it opens your airways so, almost by definition, your personal best will be post-inhaler. Indeed, it's one of the diagnostic tests for asthma (PF improved following bronchodilator). As you say, 85% is generally good, although the night-time wheezing might suggest you need to keep tweaking your medication.

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Went to the doctors and was switched to Seretide. Morning peak flow is up 10-12% and wheezing is all gone, together with my ever lasting cough. So far, this stuff is amazing!


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