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Shiny new inhaler

Telephoned the Drs this morning and got an appointment for today (yes I'm one of the lucky ones if I phone first thing 99.9% of the time I can get a same day appointment) coughing,wheezing,tight chest (I've got a cold) chest is clear so no infection 👍🏻And thankfully my dr didn't want me to go on more steroids instead he has introduced a new inhaler to be taken along side fostair and ventolin it's called atrovent 2 puffs 4 times a day. Does anyone use this inhaler

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I think this is very similar to the spiriva inhaler I have... it's made a big difference and stops me feeling in danger of an attack happening... I feel more confident if that makes sense! Good luck with it! X


I used this back in the 1990s but not since. It seems to be similar to Spiriva as another user said, similar drug family.


I have atrovent to add on when bad. It is quick to work like Salbutamol but works in a slightly different way. It is often given in a&e as a neb which has worked really well for me so my cons recommended it a few years ago.


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