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Had a bad attack nearly two weeks ago which included a 5 day stay in hospital. On discharge I went to see gp who was reluctant to sign me off work as apparently it's only Waitrose! I had to pressure her into signing to which ran out on Friday. I'd had a relatively fair weekend so returned to work yesterday I lasted 1 1/2 hours before I had an attack and came home. Today coughing has increased and knew I couldn't work so went back to the drs. Saw the same dr who just asked what are hospital doing and didn't want to listen to me. She signed me off for the rest of the week but said my main issue is I need to stop coughing and my chest is clear and my sats are good. I asked if we could slow the prednisone taper to maintenance but she said that's for the hospital to do not her however my respiratory nurse at the hospital is on leave till next Tuesday. How long does it take to get over an attack? How do you complain about a dr? Just want to live a normal life!

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Good grief! Change your doctor! Find a practice with a specialised asthma nurse who are more up to date with current asthma treatments and care.... and those are the words of my doctor. You shouldn't have to put up with feeling like a fraud... good luck! X

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Thanks but the other doctors are ok and I have a good relationship with my respiratory nurse at the hospital


Ok but give it a think over. It's much easier to get an appointment with an asthma nurse at the surgery than getting into a situation where you have to go to hospital to see the respiratory nurse. Doctors are ' at least 3 years behind in asthma treatment compared to asthma nurses' ... my doctors words!


I agree with thewheezyone, look for a practice with a specialist asthma nurse. My surgery has one and she is brilliant, had my meds changed just before Christmas and I'm feeling fantastic, the only time mine is set off now is when a major trigger is close by such as aerosols, including body sprays, so I try and avoid them in the house. Admittedly I do use the automatic air freshener dispensers but because it's such a small amount and not in close proximity I don't have a reaction.


Thanks there's 5 doctors at the surgery and only one is hopeless. I have spoke to my respiratory nurse at the hospital and know I can call her any time.


As long as you get the information you need, and the treatment to go with it that's what counts


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