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Hi all,

I'm taking seretide 250 at the moment and the prescribing of it has coincided with what I guess is pretty bad hay-fever. However, antihistamines aren't really cutting it so I wondered whether it could be that I'm allergic to the seretide? I hope not as it's the best thing I've taken for a while, I'm also taking montelukast and not seeing a heap of benefit at the mo. Any ideas very welcome!

Thanks in advance,


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Hi there, I'm assuming that you are taking the Seretide MDI inhaler. In which case it's unlikely to be an allergy. If however you are using the disc inhaler which is powder based and you have a problem with Lactose it could be an allergy.

It sounds like bad hay fever, which I also suffer from. My top antihistamine pick is Fexofenadine 180mg. Which I think in the U.K. Is prescription only, but is otc in the USA . In combination with nasal spray, Avamys. (Fluticasone). If my eyes are really bad I get Steroid eye drops, from the doctor.

I also find nasal rinsing helpful too. I wear sunglasses outside all the time, wash my hands and face when I come indoors from outside. I smear a tiny bit of Vaseline round the bottom of my nose, to catch pollen before going outside

Hope this is helpful



Thanks so much for your reply, I am on the disk inhaler actually so I'll mention it to the doctor on Thursday when I go. I was getting so much better with my rhinitis on other combos of drugs, but they weren't doing anything for the asthma so I guess it's all trial and error. I've never really had hayfever this bad where I've had to rely on daily antihistamines so it's a shock to the system! The loratadine ive got from the pharmacy helps to a point but nowhere near enough.

I'm never out of my sunglasses and I'll start trying the Vaseline, thank you. I'm going on holiday next week so hope to get it a bit better by then!

All good fun!

Thanks again, K

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In the uk the doctors dont like prescribing anti-histamines "the bean counters dont like it" however over the counter loratidine wasnt strong enough for me and i did push for fexofenadine (180mg) and have taken them for about 6-9 months and have been much better... it felt for me as if the loratidine was helping but some of the time it just wasnt quite enough


Fexofenadine really helps me too. 😊 xxx

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Thanks all, will ask the doctor this week, wish me luck! X


Hi there, I used to be on seretide 500mg for about 4 years and i didn't see any significant change with it. My hayfever has been bad this year, it isn't normally bad. It could be a case of bad hayfever and you may need to either have your dosage changed. I'm still trying to figure out if fexofenadine is working for me. Wish you all the best :)

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Thanks for the reply, maybe it is just a bad year for it. Seretide is helping me I think, relatively new to all this asthma stuff and so I'm learning what is normal and what is not! Could do with the respite though! K


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