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As the title suggests, I'm looking for a bit of advice, 50 years old, had asthma since my early 30's but has rarely ever caused me a problem which is great, but the flip side is not exactly being an expert of when it's a problem. I use my brown preventer every day & my blue one only comes half a dozen times a year. I've now been on the blue for the last 10 days, the last 4 of which have been every 4 hours day and night. Coughing a lot but I don't feel like there's anything on my chest, crackling in & wheezing out, but not as high pitched a noise as I remember previously. Is there a wheezy noise scale??? As it's a bank holiday I'm not exactly over doing it but considering whether I need to get medical attention or not.

I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks :)

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  • If your worried at all it's always better to get checked out that's a big increase in inhaler usage which would indicate something is up. I know the pollen has effected a lot more people this year including me. You mentioned wheezing but not everyone wheezes anyway but if the blue inhaler is helping it's definitely an asthma flare and you may need an add on to help get over it. Hope you feel better soon and don't over do it.

  • Thank you, I appreciate that :)

  • If you're finding it hard to speak in sentences without taking a breath you need to see or speak to a doctor over the holiday weekend. Otherwise I would try to get an urgent appointment next week.

    If you are really struggling you can use 10 puffs of reliever at one go. Preferably with a spacer. This is almost the equivalent of a nebule. If you are still struggling after that you need to call 999.

    Don't wait if you need help, even if it is a holiday weekend and a&e is bun fight. Sometimes the paramedics will treat you at home.

    I do hope that you feel better soon.


  • Hi there,

    I'd read about the 10 puffs on here & tried it yesterday & whilst I did feel better for a while, I still needed it again on my 4 hour window & my chest hurt afterwards as well, but after another disturbed sleep last night, I did go to the a&e this morning & am now dosed up on antibiotics & steroids, I've just noticed as well that I'm currently at 5 hours since the last go on my inhaler. I can feel there will be one in the next half hour or so but that's already an improvement :) you've all been a humungous help to me. Thank you all x

  • Get some medical advice pronto. Suggest at the very least you ring 111 and also ask your Surgery for an Urgent Appointment (not one of the usual week to ten day ones). The frequency of your Blue Inhaler usage is much higher than it should be unless your GP has been involved in the decision making to use it so frequently.

  • Have noticed many more allergens around this weekend and my hayfever has come on - if there is something specific bugging you it could be that exacerbating your symptoms. Sometimes I need an antihistamine on top of my regular Seretide dose if this is the case ... tree pollen, rape seed, flax, cats, dogs, rabbits and horses (hmm most furry critters actually). So maybe see if anything like that is affecting you?

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