Nebuliser for first time

I have just been seen by an ambulance crew and nebulised for the first time. It was scary because my reliever wasn't having any effect and I had difficulty speaking. Fortunately I felt a lot better after the nebuliser. Off to see a doc in a few hours.

My peak flow has been declining over the past couple of weeks and I have just finished antibiotics for a chest infection and acute sinusitis. A couple of days ago I realised my Alvesco had run out due to a miscalculation on my part. Am on Flutiform, Alvesco and montelukast as well as Loratadine and nasal treatments.

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  • Look after yourself, and feel better soon!

  • Thank you, wheezycat. Just seen out of hours doc and given a different antibiotic for chest infection.

  • My son who is 2 is on lots of what your on, he is having a bad time keeping asthma under control had horrendous cough that kicks it off and same started with chest infection two weeks ago ?

    Took 21 puffs for me to get it under control and then by time ambulance arrived he was ok

    Doc said rise in people coming in saying the same

    Lots of pollen and tree spores out and rapeseed wonder if this is triggering everyone's asthma

    My son is also on loradine

    Hope u feel better

  • So sorry to hear your little one has been so poorly. My youngest was four when he had an acute attack. Was a worrying time.

  • When I saw the asthma nurse last week she mentioned seeing a lot of patients due to the pollens.

  • Hi Egret_J,

    Sorry you've had a flare. It can be very frightening and upsetting.

    I had nebs for the first time a few months ago and have been in a and e for more over the last months, and had my first hospitalisation last month.

    I get where you're coming from with a step down in your asthma control. Don't panic. Work with your doctors to get control back.

    After a flare the lungs are "twitchy" for a while it can be weeks.

    Keep your neck and chest covered, and mouth and nose outside too if the air is cool or damp. There is good advice on Athmsa UK website about this and other stuff. They also have specialist nurses who are on an advice line. I have used this line a few times over the last weeks and their advice is fantastic. They really get it.

    You will feel wobbly. I was surprised at how rubbish I felt generally as these are my first big flares.

    My advice would be, treat yourself as if you have had flu and are still getting over it.

    Best wishes 😊

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I reacted badly to a dog in late Feb and to dust a couple of weeks ago. I have a long list of triggers but will see asthma nurse to review given recent exacerbation.

  • There is a lot of oilseed rape in full bloom in my area too.

  • I think the pollen is especially bad this season.

    A review is good. Small changes can help. Do you use a nasal steroid spray? 😊

  • Hiya, yes I do, as well as Neil med sinus rinse and sterimar.

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