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Hi I no what most people think of me on here but I only after advice this time and what anyone think it could be that's all I got stabbing aching pains in back of my head left side and been coming going on and of amd won't go away I go to lay down rest my heaf and it come back even just sitting come back don't no if it could be tumor or something been like it for 3 days but could only get appointment my nurse on 27th this month when the pain comes it really stabbing pains even when move head slightly and makes me feel bit dizzy and bit of balance

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  • We don't think bad of you. You are looking for answers and support like the rest of us. I really don't know what you is wrong with you. I would ring 111 or get an emergency appointment with your GP. I hope and pray you get what you need to be better.

  • The only appointment could get was 27th that with my nurse I just hope not trapped nerve or brain tumour I don't no if be able to go through a MRI scan as not good with tubes get scared

  • As said before on here we can't give you medical advice or diagnose what is wrong. You have to see your doctor. This is a support site where others can give their opinions and the benefit of their experience and try and help and support you but no more than that I'm afraid.

  • No-one thinks badly of you, it's hard when you are anxious about your health.

    I get pains at the back of my head, left side, from base of skull and up to mastoid area (up behind the ear) and into my ear, then along my cheek when my sinuses are playing up. It may be something as simple as that. A doctor can have a look in your ear for you to see if it's sinus related. My Eustachian tube ends up pulling my eardrum inwards when my sinuses are blocking, the doctor can see that. See if you can get a ring on the day/out of hours appoint before the nurse's appoint, as that's a long way off. Steaming may help if it's sinus related.

    It also makes me dizzy and off balance as well.

    Hope you feel better soon. Try not to worry.xx

  • Hi cutts2345 we don't think bad of you but you could be getting yourself all stressed out and headaches and dizziness can be due to anxiety if your I also have vertigo that can make you dizzy if your really worried try and get to a walk in they will check you over good luck 👌

  • Ok then thanks i got appointment asthma nurse 27th anyway so can ask her to check just worried it tumor or a trapped nerve as it really hurts painful pain in one spot of my head are u by any chance Sarah Barrett just wondering thanks for being so helpful kind

  • No problem try not to get stressed it will make you worse good luck with your appointment 👌

  • OK thanks are u Sarah Barrett or do u no her just wondering as u sound kind like her and got same name

  • No Hun Barrett is not my name

  • Do u no her her last name Barrett

  • No sorry don't no her

  • Go to A&E. Open from 09:00 to 21:00 every day.

  • Do u no what it could be advice

  • You need to see a professional medical person.

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