Asthma (Sinus Op - Yes / No?)

Hi Folks

I'm Asthmatic and have recently been told by the Hospital Registrar that my CT Scan shows I've got significant Sinus Issues - and that I need to decide whether or not to have my Sinuses Operated on (plus Septoplasty).

No one will come-off-the-fence and say whether, as far as Asthmatics are concerned, the Op is the right way to go, or not. I have, however, heard that quite a few people who've had this kind of surgery subsequently regret having done so.

If you - on someone you know - has Asthma, plus has had this kind of Op, was it (in hindsight) considered to be the 'right' or 'wrong' decision?

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  • Hi matman hope your ok my husbands brother had this done bout 5 years ago no difference what's so ever he said he should never have had it done good luck what ever u decide 👌

  • Thanks. Is your Brother In law an Asthmatic?

  • Welcome matman and yes he is

  • Appreciated. Thanks again.

  • Hi Matman,

    I was plagued with a sinus infections is

  • And found to have a nasal septal defect . I didn't realise how bad I was until after surgery.

    When the nasal splints removed 1 week post op , my hearing improved . The constant stench that I smelt was gone and I was not dizzy when bending over .

    My asthma improved . I still occasionally get a sinus infection but not on the same scale. I take a daily nasal low dose steroid spray which tends to keep the sinus problem at bay.

    Hope my experience helps.

    Kind regards Maryeileen

  • Many Thanks

  • Hi Matt

    I had both of these ops done (separately) as a teenager (15 for my nose and 19 for my sinuses) although for different reasons than my asthma (daily heavy nosebleeds and continuous sinus headaches). I was asthmatic at the time (exercise induced mainly at the time of the ops tho looking back I was triggered by animals too so..., I'm now classes as severe 😒)

    I didn't notice any difference in regards to my asthma at the time and whilst the nose ops did wonders and I no longer get nosebleeds, the sinus op only lasted a couple of years before the headaches started coming back and I now (6 years later) I get multiple sinus infections a year despite being on a steroid nasal spray daily (incidentally had my first attack about a year after the sinus op).

    As a teenager (pre op) I used to see a cranial osteopath who was brilliant at helping to clear my sinuses, so if you don't want to do the surgical route it may be worth trying this out if you are getting issues from them. I think I ended up seeing roughly 2x year in the end just for 'top ups' when I started to get issues (I stopped see her after the op cause felt better, now a poor student with no money 😫😅)

    For me the nose op was brilliant (again different reason tho) but the sinus op only worked short term and I don't know if I would do it again if it was offered (The surgeon I saw at the time did tell me the op I was having ['widening' the sinus passages] would only be a short term solution, and that he often had 'repeaters')

    Hope that helps x

  • Thanks for taking time out to provide a detailed reply. I'm still awaiting an appointment to discuss the pros and cons with my asthma consultant. My nose is generally clear - even though my CT shows I qualify for a Sinus Op. Despite the clear nose, I do get Post Nasal Drip that might be contributing to my Chest Mucus. Problem is, its known that some people get more Nasal Mucus as a result of what's happening in their Chest whereas others can get increased Chest Mucus as a result of what's happening in their Nasal / Sinus System. It can even be the case that both of those scenarios apply. Think it will come down to sticking a wet finger in the air and deciding on that basis.

  • Good luck with whatever you decide!!!

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