Asthma (Sinus Op - Yes / No?)

Hi Folks

I'm Asthmatic and have recently been told by the Hospital Registrar that my CT Scan shows I've got significant Sinus Issues - and that I need to decide whether or not to have my Sinuses Operated on (plus Septoplasty).

No one will come-off-the-fence and say whether, as far as Asthmatics are concerned, the Op is the right way to go, or not. I have, however, heard that quite a few people who've had this kind of surgery subsequently regret having done so.

If you - on someone you know - has Asthma, plus has had this kind of Op, was it (in hindsight) considered to be the 'right' or 'wrong' decision?

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  • Hi matman hope your ok my husbands brother had this done bout 5 years ago no difference what's so ever he said he should never have had it done good luck what ever u decide 👌

  • Thanks. Is your Brother In law an Asthmatic?

  • Welcome matman and yes he is

  • Appreciated. Thanks again.

  • Hi Matman,

    I was plagued with a sinus infections is

  • And found to have a nasal septal defect . I didn't realise how bad I was until after surgery.

    When the nasal splints removed 1 week post op , my hearing improved . The constant stench that I smelt was gone and I was not dizzy when bending over .

    My asthma improved . I still occasionally get a sinus infection but not on the same scale. I take a daily nasal low dose steroid spray which tends to keep the sinus problem at bay.

    Hope my experience helps.

    Kind regards Maryeileen

  • Many Thanks

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