5 lots of antibiotics since 1st January

I am really fed up. I got a sore throat over Christmas which developed into a chest infection. Was given doxycycline for 7 days. Am on Flutiform 250/10, 2 puffs twice a day plus ventolin, avymss nasal spray. Since then, I have had 4 more lots of either doxycycline or ciprofloxacin, plus 30 mg of prednisone twice.

I did get a GP appointment yesterday (and had the very sore throat, foul mucus, cough etc) and said I was worried. More doxycycline. Also, I'm going for a chest x-ray next week. Have any of you had so many antibiotics in three and a half months? I just get over one infection and another starts up a week or two later.

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  • A suggestion- ask if youoGP can get a sputum test analysed to check you are getting the best antibiotics for your infection. I can't take doxyciline it makes me sick. I was told that some antibiotics work best if the infection is caused by a specific type of bacterial infection. Just a thought.

    Hope you get it sorted out soon.

  • Thank you. I nearly asked him but he seemed in a hurry! Will do so next time.

  • You do know that antibiotics don't work for viral infections , don't you ?

  • Yes, I know that but So far this year every infection whether viral or bacterial has turned into a nasty chest infection & asthma has deteriorated. I'm assuming GP would not dish out antibiotics unless he thought they were needed as well. He thought the chest x-ray might show a pocket of infection that doesn't clear up. I will have the X-ray next week after my eye op (local anaesthetic).

  • My gp told me that doxy takes longer to work than other abs but can be given for a longer time ( some people take very long courses of it for acne treatment for example). The last time I had doxy I had a very nasty HI infection. I had a 26 day course. I believe that 10 days is the minimum for doxy for chest infections. How log was your course? Perhaps you aren't being prescribed a long enough course?

  • I think you are right. The GO only prescribes a 7 day course and it sort of improves but comes back after a week or two.,I'm having a chest x-ray next week too. My voice, which disappeared is nearly back to normal. If it comes back after this lot of doxy, I will ask for more than 7 days worth. Thanks for your helpful reply.

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