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Asthma getting worse

I can't understand why my asthma is getting worse I'm doing nothing different than I've always been , had to go on nebuliser on Sunday was out at the ice hockey play offs at ,Nottingham and allot a sudden I could not get my breath . It was very frightening didn't feel it coming on been to doctors yesterday I have another chest infection they increase my fostair up to 200mg 2 puffs in morning then the same at night

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Hi this is my first post since joining the forum and I am new to all this but I wanted to offer my sympathy. I get times when I can't breath and get in a real panic. hopefully the increased Fostair will help you Having a chest infection makes breathing harder in my experience. I know once I start to feel very breathless the panic sets in and the anxiety makes it worse. Anyway I do hope you are feeling better, having attacks like that in a public place when everyone else seems to be having an enjoyable time is a lonely scary experience.

Did your GP offer any explanation as to what may have caused it? The air quality in nottingam isn't good and the pollen is out now it's spring!

Take care.


Thank you no doctors didn't explain why it happened I really panic when I have 1 know I shouldn't but can't help it xx


Hope you are feeling better very soon. It's not nice having an attack but especially in public. Not many people understand asthma. I'm glad you got nebulised and the right treatment. Anything can flare up your asthma and it might be that this infection has flared it up as there will be more inflammation and muck in your airways than normal.

Just remember to rest and listen to your body. The increase in fostair should start to help, but if you're not feeling better make sure you get seen over the bank holiday weekend and don't leave it.

Feel better soon


Thanks Fostair seem to be making me feel better finished perislone today but still bringing muck up sure I will be fine I'm taking it easy now few days home with husband best cure x


My son just had attacks this weekend ended with ambulance and that's with both inhalers and steroids! , I'm feeling the same for him, loads of pollen and tree spores high this month have u tried hayfever medication that's what they suggested for my son ?


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