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Asthma bad after the hot weather?

Im recovering from a bad bought of bronchitis but id been doing fine until yesterday when it was really hot here in Norfolk. Id been cycling all weekend but didnt feel really bad until last night when i had to take my blue inhaler and ive taken it several times today. Im now deleted berating pver wether to take my rescue prednisolone as my inhalers are really ineffective. I cant tell though if it was the heat, pollen etc or pottering around in my old garage. Any thoughts anyone else feel rough after the weekend?

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Hi Ernie, it's Lauren... Sounds like it's a combo of all the things you've mentioned. The best thing is to keep hydrated especially when out cycling. Also even though you may feel great while actually out there cycling with the wind in your hair and the breeze cooling you down, don't forget to take it easy build up your exercise slowly... You may have exercise induced type asthma. Hope not though. Tell the doc or asthma nurse about your flare up and keep an asthma diary, it may help identify the triggers, so you can avoid them where possible or at least find a remedy. Best healthy wishes

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