Sepsis and Pneumonia

8 weeks ago was hospitalised for above but am still feeling exhausted anyone on here had sepsis to give advice. Peak flow has gone up from 110 to 150 but am having lots of bad days I also came out with pleurisy which was very painful. I had previously 3 months with bad infections one of them being drug resistant malto steno so I suppose I have had a bad winter, but it is still taking me a long time to shower and get dressed in the morning then I have to rest and can only do very short walks, have never felt like this all docs say is well you have been ill but could do with knowing a timeline on how long recovery takes thanks if anyone can help.

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  • Hi Janet hope ur feeling better soon I was rushed in icu in November with life threatening asthma which I didn't know I had I also had pneumonia and septis myself I was put to sleep for a week and got kept in for another week am still on sick from work as I haven't fully recovered mentally but am getting there with the help of counselling u will get better but u still need plenty of rest

  • Thanks you did have it bad, it is very scary but luckily it hasn't bothered me too much mentally, it's the physical, I feel some days as though my joints and limbs have stopped working, all my body became very swollen in hospital and I still have problems. I have had asthma all my life so am more used than to it, take care x

  • Ano my Joints have been the same but am feeling loads better now just need to feel 100 percent before I can go back to work my kids have been brilliant u will get there just takes time as r body's have been through a lot take care Janet-Campbell x

  • Dear Janet, It seems as though you have been through the mill. Although it is not the same thing at all, When my husband was super sick, with an amoeba that took up residence in his liver, and turned into an amoebic tumor. He was in ICU for 5 days then hdu for another week, and hospital for 5 weeks in total. It took him 7 months to properly recover. He couldn't believe how weak he was. Apparently when your body has a major infection, like this or sepsis, it will take months to get back to where you were before. All I can say, is rest a lot, and do as much as you can, as long as you improve gradually, give yourself time to recover this major shock to your system.

    Very good luck.


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