Acid reflux returns

I have been on Omeprazole for two months. This was on the advice of the GP I saw and I have got to the end of my medication. Two days later the reflux is back. Not anymore than when I had it before just heartburn an hour after eating. I am going to make an appointment at my GP surgery to find out what to do next.

The acid reflux doesn't seem to irritant my asthma in any way. I just am getting the heat burn. I eating very little of what might cause it due to dietary restriction with my Painful bladder syndrome. Thoughts on a postcard please!?

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  • It can take time for the system to adjust from coming off PPIs (which is what Omeprazole is). Did you wean yourself off them, or did you just stop taking them?

  • Hi MaggieHP not I didn't wean myself off them. I was told just to stop when I ran out of Omeprazole. That was 3 days ago and today my acid reflux is better. Any more tips or thoughts please folks

  • As I said, it can take time for the stomach to adjust to the fact that the thing that has been inhibiting the production of acid has been removed, so it's not entirely surprising that you've been having problems. If the heartburn continues I would go back to your GP.

  • How long shall I leave it to settle Down?

  • Not sure. Every time I've been put on PPIs (Lansoprazole in my case) I've weaned myself off them so it takes a lot longer (but I had an increase in discomfort every time I dropped the dose). Does your GP surgery take phone queries for doctors? If so, if you're still having problems on Monday you could ring through and ask.

  • Yes my GPs has appointment by phone. Its my first time so wasn't really know what to expect. I think doing it by phone is a good idea. I beginning to get a bit fed up on going to my GPs at the moment. Feel like on a bit of elastic.

    My heartburn usually starts an hour after eating and I have it now. My Stomach is empty at the moment as I taking new medication (Elmiron) for my painful bladder syndrome on an empty stomach. First day on that and hoping and praying this works for me.

    The other thing I thinking is ok not to treat acid reflux. I had it for 3 months off and on then went to the doctor about it. As I said asthma only played off when I tried to step down to Flixotide from Seretide this week. I don't think they are connected.

  • Persistent acid reflux does need to be treated, not doing so can lead to oesophagitis and can also cause damage to the oesophagus and result in something called Barrett's oesophagus. You really do not want to add that to your problems.

    You could ask your GP if you could be referred to a gastroenterologist to see if there is something else causing the heartburn.

  • From experience, acid reflux irritates the lungs, studies have said that it can damage My reflux will not go away I stopped taking Zantac or ranitidine, and it really upset my asthma terribly. Ring Asthma UK first thing in the morning. My take wouldn't off of the zantac.

  • Hi,

    Have you looked at your diet ?

    Are you eating , little but often as this sometimes helps . What are you eating ?

    I myself was on PPI 's but was concerned as I have osteoporosis and this can increase the risk of fractures.

    I changed my diet and eating habits and my symptoms are much improved .

    I no longer take PPI's

    Hope your symptoms improve .

    Kind regards Maryeileen

  • Hi I do eat little and often. I eat very little of the common problem foods as per my restricted diet for IC.

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