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Viral wheeze help please

I'm not new to this - my son was 3 in February and has had recurrent viral wheeze incidences since having bronchialitis at 9 months. He's been admitted 11 times and seen in A&E more times than I can count. I just wondered if anyone had any advice? Either of how to cope with this - I'm a single working mum - or how to combat it? He's under a consultant and is prescribed 2 puffs of clenil in the morning and at bedtime and 10 puffs of salbutamol as and when he needs it - it's rarely manageable at home. It usually ends in the need for some oxygen and a nebuliser. And usually that does the trick. Sometimes he needs back to back nebs and oxygen.

I think I'm just looking for some support from people who have seen this. He's started an episode this evening. Nothing I can present at A&E yet, and it may pass. But I know from experience now that when he goes downhill, he goes fast. My GP surgery are really quick off the mark when they're open - obviously they try to avoid hospital admissions - but am I doing something wrong? Or not enough of something?

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It sounds as though your doing everything right!! It's very difficult with small children as their airways are so tiny. My only suggestion is to see if there is an allergic component to the problem that you can avoid? I don't even know if they test such young children. Next time you see your GP I would ask about that.

Even though you don't say he has an Asthma diagnosis it sounds like it could be asthma as well. So ringing Asthma UK helpline or British Lung Foundation Helpline may give you better advice than I can

Very good luck it must be so worrying.


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My son has the same difficulties since 18 months old and is now 8. He had so many incidents that I became friends with a peds nurse from a&e we saw each other so much while he was young. She told me never be concerned about ringing an ambulance for a neb as was convinced I was over reacting most of the time.

You're doing everything possible to control this, there are other meds that can help with night time breathing montelukast is one we tried and it worked well for breathing but had an side effect for us which I couldn't manage on top of all his other medical issues but not all children have the same reaction some have none at all ( I've been looking into it as it did work so well for us but he has a bowl disorder and it made that worse)

Has his meds been reviewed lately? Maybe it's time to see his asthma nurse or gp to review.

We can't protect them from viruses which is where I get so annoyed and I'm beginning to think hay fever may play a part in my sons case too.

Best wishes and hope you didn't have a really bad episode last night.


People look at me like I'm mad when I say he has to have 10 puffs of ventolin. I've been into his school and trained the support and office staff on administering it as they haven't had a viral asthma case before and where only giving two puffs Even thought I had filled in a medical form when he started.


Yeah we saw the consultant last week. He's tried montelukast before but it made no difference to episodes and he had some nasty side effects so we stopped that. He's coping this morning - waiting until 10.30 for GP appointment. I know, people raise their eyebrows when I say 10 puffs! I think he must have had 100 through the night.


Hi sounds silly but try changing what your using around house eg sprays cleaning products also menthol crystals in bedroom can be really good at night just make sure there away from your son things like lynx are particularly bad and try giving him a three hour break without food before bed as reflux can also cause breathing issues


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