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Still chesty

I've been ill for a week now, started on doxycycline last Friday for a chest infection, diagnosed by my usual asthma nurse on the phone at my surgery because there were no appointments available, at the weekend I felt so ill I went to see the out of hours doctor on Sunday, probably should have gone to A&E but I really couldn't face being admitted to hospital as my eldest was taking his driving test and it was my youngest birthday on Monday so I NEEDED to be at home for them, anyway the doctor said he didn't think I had an infection and it was just asthma so I was given nebs and a prescription for steroids and sent home, I'm still feeling really chesty coughing lots (almost making myself sick) producing some nasty stuff from my chest. Tried to see one of my own doctors but can't get in today despite getting through at eight o'clock this morning, I was offered an emergency appointment at another surgery but my asthma has been messed up by other doctors so many times I really can't face that again. I'm really fed up and feeling down, I'm on holiday from work for two weeks and once agin I'm doing nothing because I get out of breath moving around.... sorry for the long post just had to vent a little.

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Poor you,

I know how you feel.

At times we are all great and the next week rock bottom asthma wise .

I always book annual leave and end up sick . Last year was awful for me but this year so far is good.

I regularly see the asthma nurse whether I'm sick or not . My asthma management has been really good and my peak flow is increased .

Chin up keep fighting !

Kind regards Mary Eileen .


I see mine at the hospital monthly as I have xolair injections but not due to go till next week. Guess I shall just have to plod on eh?

Thanks Sharon x


Hi Shassh - I sympathise with you as your trials and tribulations are oh so familiar to me too, both in terms of symptoms and difficulties obtaining a doctor's appointment. I am guessing, you are probably on a few inhalers ( in my case - Alvesco, Fostair and Ventolin?) and maybe pills (Montelukast?) as a repeat prescription. In my case when I get a chest infection it's a slow recovery period over a few weeks. Like you, I'm normally subscribed Doxycycline and Prednisone for a 5 day course. My breathing declines from an average peak flow of 420 down to as low as 300 and like you I produce darker than usual mucus (loads of it) with very intensive coughing bouts to the point of wanting to be sick. I know it's no comfort to you but what we suffer is pretty normal for those of us described as "Chronic Asthmatics". Even more annoying when I didn't get to this stage until 4 years ago and I am 67 now and regularly ran and attended a gym. Still, Shassh, let's be positive and I do hope your condition improves, albeit slowly which it will now winter is behind and you get out and enjoy the sunshine. Good luck! Best wishes Geoff


Thank you Geoff, yep I'm on a range of inhalers, fostair, spiriva and ventolin. Nebulisers and montelucas tablets. I also have xolair injections and take a daily steroid tablet. My asthma is always present like a weight round my neck, it's driving me potty at the moment there's so much I want to do, the house is a tip because I can't muster the energy to do anything, hubby is working Long long hours so doesn't have time or energy to do much. ... let's hope things improve with the weather. Thank you again for taking the time to reply, have a good day. Sharon


I can empathise ive had some bad chest infections for the past 3 years with Amoxycillin being pecribed in the end i bought Doxy online and tooking it for 2 weeks to clear up the infection but my surgery prescribed the oral steriods peicemeal 5 days at a time with breaks in between which did not help. In the end i paid to see a specialst and hes put me on Alvesco along with Seretde and Montelukast, i dont know if it's coincidence but i think the air quality is getting worse and there have been some particularly bad bugs the last few years. The problem is getting rid of the infection then getting all the inflammation to calm down and subside. I do hope you get better soon though.


Thank you


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