Can hormones trigger Asthma?

Hi All

I have never known what specifically triggers my Asthma! Crazy I know. However I have noticed that it seems to be pretty severe about 5 days before my period can anyone else relate to this? If so I would love to hear from you and what has helped you? I also have an appointment with a consultant at the end of April and would like to go armed with as much information as I can. Thank you so much for readingx

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  • Hi jewelsp hope your ok mine is the same I've noticed just before I intended to use my blue inhaler a lot around that time must be hormones all over the place

  • This is a really common problem. And well known asthma trigger. If you can correlate a peak flow diary with your periods it's helpful for consultant. I'm past that point, but used to notice a difference when I was younger.

    Good luck with consultant. It's useful to write a list of everything you want to discuss. Also write up a detailed history of your symptoms and when you started having problems.


  • Thank you risabel59 I didn't realise that this was a well known trigger! I only started suffering from Asthma at 17 and it makes me wonder if hormones have always been a trigger! I will definitely make a list of everything and recording my peak flowx

  • Yes, this happens to me too

  • I certainly had this problem, I have a Mirena coil now which has helped but I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome so not helped. Good luck x

  • That's interesting thank you. But sorry to hear that you have Polycystic Ovaries. It's rubbish suffering with all these health problems isn't it!xx

  • Me too !! I know my period is coming as my asthma gets worse.

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