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BacterialChest Infection And Asthma

I have had asthma and lung problems for many years.About. 15 years ago I had the bottom lobe of my right lung removed for suspected cancer but lucky me it was not.

I have had bad bouts of asthma now and then and a couple of years ago breathlessness reared its ugly head and nothing worked so I was referred to a repertory clinic

I had lots of tests but this bout lasted almost 6 months nothing cleared it in the end it started to clear on its own

Well last week I had the Winter Vomiting Virus and as soon as that started clearing my breathlessness started mainly up and down stairs or trying to rush

I saw my doctor today who prescribed Amoxicillin500 for a week up my ventolin and continue with the seratide but I'm terrified it's going to last as long as it did last time


Anyone got any similar experiance they can give any help or advice

By the way I'm 68 but normally very active I have quite a few health problems but nothing that has anything to do with my asthma..

I have no support at home as my husband is a miserable old git and only happy when he's sad....

Can't get away so I'm stuck with that

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Poor you! I'm 41 and for the past year I have had recurrent chest infections to the point where I have collapsed. The doc says I also have asthma. I'm seeing the respiratory consultant for the first time tomorrow to try and get to the bottom of it. I used to be very fit and now I can't go past a quick walk!

I really feel for you. My advice would be to keep moving, steam inhalations and get vaccinated if you can.

I hope you improve soon x

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Thankyou for your encouraging words,unfortunately Ihave many allergies and the flu and pneumonia injection are among them

Years ago I used steam inhalation but it never entered my head to try those again so thanks

I'm very restricted in movemement as it makes me so puffed but I am doing deep breathing and pottering about as I know sitting around is bad for lung conditions

I wish you luck at the respiratory clinic I hope you get some help

Let me know how you get on


I will.

Just another thought, I bought a HEPA air filter recently. Do you have one? Could really help with your allergies? X

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I know I'm allergic to a lot of airborne moulds,poll on,house dust etc......I have a look on line thanks


Went to see the consultant today. He's going to send me for a full chest scan, a sinus scan and a lung function test over the next few weeks. I'm meeting him to discuss the results in 3 months.

He told me that it takes around 3 months to get over a chest infection and that because I've had several one after the other I've never gotten over them. This also aggravates asthma symptoms.

I'm really pleased I'm getting the scans done as I want to see if there is lasting damage to my lungs and if I'll ever get back to my former fitness levels.

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Thanks so much for letting me know I'm glad your getting some help so hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel

Can't believe a chest infection can take 3 months to shift I better get my patient head on hahahahaha


I was diagnosed with asthma when I was a teenager, later on in I life I kept getting chest infections and my doctor kept saying its your asthma, after getting pneumonia and having a c.t scan I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis. The treatment is pretty much the same as for asthma except I take an antibiotic every three days to keep my lungs clear, also have been taught about lung clearance. You may need doctor to arrange for you to have more tests just to make sure you haven't developed another lung condition. Good luck and take care x x

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Things in your reply I'd never heard of so thank you so much for your input


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