I really do just want to cry I feel it's all my fault

Anyway I got asthma when I was small due to mould anyway my mum told my i only got bad when I had cold etc anyway I've never really taken my inhaler I went for my check up today with nurse and stuff and we chatted and well for the last few months I just keep looking online worrying myself and everything..in that time I've got a spacer,a peak flow and everything I'm really obsessed I keep checking it anyway for the past few months on and of I've been suffering with chest tightness I called 111 someone come out and checked me last year and they said that they didn't think it was my asthma and stuff so I just keep wondering anyway today I done peak flow and my best was 340 anyway now the doctor has said that I am meant to be like in the 400 I am worrying it's my fault and everything😭 She wants my to try a brown inhaler what is it I'm big i need to loose weight/more excise what😭😭


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  • It sounds like the inhaler the doctor is suggesting is a preventative medication that you take daily, but without knowing what inhaler it is I can't say for absolute sure.

    You really need to be asking your doctors these questions when you see them. They are the medically trained ones not those of us online; we want to help but we can only give advice based off our experiences and medical questions really need answered by a medical profession. If you don't understand what the doctors are saying then ask them to explain again.

  • It's not that I don't understand it's the fact that is it bad that my peak flow is that😭

  • It is lower than your best but my best is 300 and I currently can't get to that ATM I'm getting 250 or lower

    It's not your fault that your struggling you can't always control asthma that's just something you need to learn to cope with the fact it isn't always perfect and know what to do when it isn't going well

  • As has already been said peak flow is individual to the person, yes there are guides as to what would be expected but there is variation within that which is why you take your peak flow morning and evening over a period of time to find out what your average is.

    For example my peak flow for my age and height should be 440 but I average 490 to 500. A peak flow of 440 for me means I'm having a little bit of difficulty. On the other hand my mother should have a peak flow of 400 but struggles to get 350 on a good day, and her asthma is under control.

  • I keep forgetting to do my peak flow but since Sunday I've done it twice a day

  • It's the brown one I gotta pick up Friday I've got to take it morning and evening

  • I'm sorry to hear that,what did you mean about the first bit sorry,I just feel like such a failure😦X

  • Hi Shannon, having asthma is not your fault and you are clearly anxious and confused. See if you can speak to your gp again, or phone the asthma helpline (find their details on line) and speak to them. They are really kind and helpful and really explain things so that they are easy to understand. Good luck and let us know how you get on x

  • You have two issues to deal with first - most importantly your state of mind. You are, you admit, obsessing over this stuff and you have to find a way to calm down. You might benefit from talking therapy or any of the relaxation techniques like mindfulness which are popular at the moment. Your mind seems to be inside a whirlwind and you can't make any progress until it slows down, because you can't take on board anything the doctors tell you. Stress makes asthma much worse. Next time you see your GP ask about how to cope with your stress and if you can, take someone with you who will remember it and can remind you if you forget what was said.

    The other thing you can do while you are waiting is address your weight. If you are overweight, you put extra strain on everything, including your lungs. If you aren't really that big, but you could do with losing a little bit, make a great effort to lose that. Think how good you'll feel when you do! If you feel you are in control of your life, you will manage everything much better. You can do this. You just need to tell yourself that today is the day you change your life. Go ahead!

  • Losing weight helped me try not to get too upset if I can help you I will not well myself had a bad asthma attack on Sunday and feeling really washed out still

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