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How do you control anxiety when you have asthma symptoms?

Having a real issue with panic attacks when I think I have asthma symptoms lately. Especially when I'm commuting on busy train (I live in London). Tried to run for train this morning and it made my throat hurt, and made me a bit wheezy. I end up convinced that I can't breathe, which makes me anxious then after that point I really cant tell!


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I went through CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to help me with my anxiety. Now when I start getting short of breathe or I notice it at least, I try breathing exercises and remind myself mentally that I have control. It helps me.


Well, you know you are still breathing, so remind yourself of that. There are lots of suggestions online for slowing down your breathing (paper bags are useless for asthma) and if they don't work for you, then ask your GP about CBT, as Beth suggests. It is a very effective therapy.


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