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I've been diagnosed with asthma a year ago after many months of to and fro from the hospital still not happy with the diagnosis why now after 62 years of age the last time I had a common cold was in 1989 and now I think I have hay fever having serious sneezing.my asthma asthma started one morning how can that be when I was perfect the day before I don't smoke and may drink 6 pints a week my chest feels heavy and empty I lost my appetite months ago and eat maybe 2meals a week so why am I piling on weight iam giving up on doctors you feel like a number and worthless

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Hi allenby666 welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately I can't answer your questions I wish I could. There is still a lot unknown about asthma and what triggers it. It certainly is when you have previously been getting on with life to suddenly have something which impacts you so drastically.

I hope others may be able to help you out more.

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Hi the definitive way to check if you have asthma is via the peak and flow test. Have you had one? Are you on any meds or inhalers?

There are several reasons why you could be putting on weight. Firstly if you are only having around 2 meals a week are you eating lots of snacks or the wrong foods? If not then it could be a simple as your body thinking it is starving and holding onto calories which it stores as fat. Your body will also lower your metabolism as part of this. This could explain why the weight is piling on.

The way to lose weight sometimes (strange though it seems) is to eat more and more and on a regular basis.. There is a very good weight site on here where you will get lots of tips so I recommend you have a look at it.


iam on spiriva 18mg dry powder inhaler a red fostair inhaler 2 puffs twice daily preventer inhaler blue reliever inhaler when needed and montellukast 10mg one at night all prescribed by the chest consultant at Bedford hospital.I don't eat much as I have no appetite I suffer with acid reflux and take lansoprozole 30mg one a day for the last 12 years that capsule I know if I forget to take it within 3hours.Thankyou for your reply.Allenby 666


had my peak flow tested at my surgery earlier this morning over 3 tests showed 180 trying to work but is hard I keep getting breathless walking my Alsatian before work had my dog all her life she is now 16 never bred her but my baby she is slow and will never part with her no matter what she is all I have left in my life and nothing else matters.Thankyou Allenby 666.


Late onset asthma is more common than you might think and it does just appear with no warning. Don't lose faith in your GP - but you must go with an open mind and if possible, take someone with you as patients don't always retain what they are told in a GP's surgery. Try keeping a food & drink diary, with perhaps a column for all the things you think don't count, such as 1 biscuit, 1 glass of wine; 6 squares of chocolate and so on. If you continue to lose weight and can't account for it, you must go back to your doctor. Try taking antihistamines regularly and see if they stop the hay fever. You might go for a skin prick test to see if you are obviously allergic to anything.

Nothing is going to be a miracle cure. You've got this wretched condition, like the rest of us on this site, and somehow you will learn to manage it. It takes time to get the medication right and it can be a depressing process, but don't give up. Summer is coming and so are better days.


I never give up ilove all I have left have not seen my children or now with grandchildren in over 20 years but my son has found me after 14 yrs.back to my asthma got my attacks down to 3 a week to me that's not good enough but its better than 1 every day I want my life back this is how it started 2015 first cut of the lawn I strimmed the edge cut this plant with yellow trumpet flowers and the dust it gave off took my breath away 2016 did the same again first cut of the year march 28 it did the same again then I realised this happened last year only this time my breathing never returned I think its neurological but after taking samples to the hospital and doctors both passed the buck so nothing more was done to me disgraceful so iam all this medication for my breathing to no avail except the montelekaust that helps me sleep for 3 hours totally despondent with the way the nhs thinks and operates why do they take no notice this plant grows along 3 houses and no one cuts down apart from me and before I was perfect and normal thanks for letting me bend your ear my Alsatian comes first had her 16 years she is tired like me I think the days of doctor and patient is a thing of the past today you are just a ******* number thanks again Allenby 666.


i am sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time. When your asthma is bad its hard to stay positive. We are all here to listen. Best advice I can give is asthma uk helpline 0300 222 5800 open Mon-Fri 9-5 pm who will listen to you and help you not just for your physical health but your mental health.

I have two long health conditions and when they aren't good such as my asthma I can get down too. I hope and pray my advice blesses you and hang in there.

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I cannot come to terms with this its hard for me for the last 16 years I have my dog with no one that will give me the time of day asthma has destroyed me I've got to the point I hope my dog goes before I do help is not out there I've tried so many times its a very selfish country we live in this forum is good you have listeners thankyou Allenby 666.


I know its hard coming to terms with asthma and what it does to you. Please do ring asthma UK helpline they are a charity and they do care. The help is out there and with asthma uk helpline advise I believe you can get it. I used to be not very brave when dealing with medical professionals especially when it came down to my asthma. My asthma went bad in November 2015 and I ended up calling 999 for myself. Before that I was an asthmatic with only Ventolin in my bag. Now on on a very strong combination inhaler 250 seretide, monkelaust, antihistamine.

When my asthma was very bad after the attack asthma and I didn't know what to do. Asthma uk gave me the courage to fight my corner, go to the doctors and get myself well. You need to get well for your own sake and your dogs. I am a mother, can be my worse own enemy but I know if I am not well then the rest of my family suffers.

The doctors have a duty of care to look after you and with the support you get here and asthma uk in your corner you can win. Asthma is not my friend, I don't like it but its there as part of my life not taking over my whole life. You can be well with asthma and there is hope for us all. God bless you my friend with peace and courage to fight on.


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