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Dont know what to do?

The asthma nurse said she thought my breathing problems were due to asthma, she gave me a blue and brown inhaler, told me how to use them and told me to come back in a year. Ive never had asthma, i dont even know how i got it, she never gave me an explainations or advice. Dont really know what to do, or how to help myself get better. Its was a quick 10mins in her office and that was it. Any advice would be greatful, thank you guys.

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You could ask to see her again and explain your worries or even see your GP and explain you are unsure about it all. Does your surgery do telephone consultations? it may be worth asking for one of them if you don't want to personally go in and see them.

Have you ever monitored your peak flow or had any tests done such as lung function tests?


I would make another appointment with her and just ask if she will give you a little bit more information. If you take your inhaylers at the dose they recommended you, then it should help you.

I've had it since I was 4/5 and before then was always in and out of hospital with breathing problems, it's just unfortunate that you have it, but if you manage it right then you'll be fine, it's a very common thing.

Hope you get the information you need.


This is awful and no way to treat you. Did she do you a peak and flow test where you breathe 3 times into a machine which gives you readings? That is the normal way for asthma to be diagnosed.

You can get asthma at any age for any reason at all, it could be due to smoking, genetics, type of work you do etc. Often there is no known cause. Unless it is severe it is reversible with the right meds so no permanent damage has been done to your lungs. so use the meds the nurse gave you.

The brown one is a preventer which opens your airways to make it easier to breathe and the blue one is to be used as and when you feel extra breathless. There is lots of info online about asthma so see info on here, the NHS site and Asthma.UK. The latter has a nurse you can ring with any questions.

Any problems or issues just post it in here and we will do our best to help and advise you.


See a GP.

Nurse practitioners are brilliant but for such a momentous life changing diagnosis I would prefer to get the confirmation of a qualified doctor.

Asthma is a difficult diagnosis to make. Believe it or not reflux can present similar symptoms. I saw 3 GPs over 6 months before asthma was finally established as the problem.

See a GP


If it hasn't happened already, make sure you get a Spirometry Test from your GP or Nurse, and make them explain 'slowly and clearly' what they conclude from it. Consider asking for a referral to an NHS Consultant so that you get the best possible advice from the start - not a year or two down the road.

If necessary, providing you can afford it (and assuming you can't get an NHS Consultation Referral in the next few months) consider getting a - faster - Private Consultation. Typical 1st Visit (Private Consultant) Fee seems to be between £250 - £400, but get a price before you turn up. Aim to discover, in advance, what 'session' length the Private Consultation Fee is based on otherwise, if your time with the Private Consultant overruns the 30 or 40 minutes - or whatever the allocated consultation 'time limit' is - you might get charged more than you were quoted. Also, be aware that - while a lot of people can afford a Private Consultant's '1st Consultation' Fee - once the Private Consultant starts wanting to do tests, the cost of those tests is not cheap and can quickly escalate. If he / she wants Tests carried out, then you will not only be looking at the extra costs of those tests, but also at the additional cost of a second visit to discus the results of the tests. Therefore, if you decide to go the Private Route, first try and get as many Tests as necessary / possible done through your GP, for free, on the NHS before you see the Private Consultant (e.g. X-Ray, CT Scan, Blood Tests, Sputum Tests etc). Obtain and send copies of the NHS Test Results to your Private Consultant at least a week in advance of your Consultation and ring to check those results have been received and considered 'before you turn up' for your appointment. (If asking your GP to refer you to a Private Consultant - check / ensure that those Test results will be available and sent in advance). The idea, if possible, is to avoid a Second 'follow-up' Private Consultation (i.e. as your Private Consultant will already have the NHS Test results - if sent 'in advance' - and be able to advise you with knowledge of those results).


This all seems a bit nebulous. You may well have asthma (I was diagnosed with late onset asthma last year and told I'm allergic to cats, though I've never had one!), but you would need some reversibility tests to determine if you definitely have it. I can understand that the nurse might wish to make you feel better by prescribing a blue inhaler (which is fairly well tolerated and can be used quite frequently), but the brown one needs more care and might be a bit redundant if you don't actually have asthma (depends what's in it). I would advise going to a specialist respiratory clinic to have the full range of tests (which are not invasive and take less than an hour); hopefully, your GP can arrange that.


Its a bit extreme going private just yet. I did that a long time ago and he just said the same thing as the docs, except he kept looking at his watch ( A Rolex actually) I did tons of different things until I finally signed up to one of those athsma workshops which taught me a lot, and got me off most of the Meds. I can't find the chaps details for the classroom workshops but I know he does them online now at Well worth it, better than the Rolex man any day. Good luck :)


Think I spelt athsma wrong in that workshop thing...duh


Dont count me as 100% fact but i think its about the cilia in the lungs not clearing mucus and again sorry if im wrong im only 12


Thank you all for the advice and taking time to reply.


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