Omeprazole and weight gain?

Hi all I been on Omeprazole 20 mg for two months for acid reflux. The acid reflux is gone but I seem to gain weight since I started. I got two more pills to take and then I finished. The doctor who prescripted it said take two months worth and then stop. The acid reflux didn't effect my asthma. I just go acid reflux an hour after eating my meals.

I also don't eat very little of the foods which cause reflux. I have another long term health condition painful bladder syndrome which forbids acid foods, chocolate, onions, mints and spicy foods.

So what has other people's experience of Omeprazole?

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  • I've been taking omeprazole for years... No idea if I have side effects cause it's been so long.

    I'm v interested to find out how other get on with it tho 😊

    I'm struggling to lose weight just now tho I think it's the steroids/ too tired to be bothered / too much chocolate combo that's to blame.

    I'm glad the reflux has stopped for you xxx

  • I am really happy that you get on with it. I am to interested too how others get on too.

    I think on the weight lose its baby steps. So be kind to yourself. When you feel well enough to do exercise try a walk. We didn't put weight over night so it's going to take time to lose it.

    I am planning to swim at least twice a week and two pilates classesfor the next 10 weeks to the sschool holidays. Then see where I am at.

  • I take that, but it doesn't apparently cause weight gain, I take Antidepressants which do.

  • I'm on omeprazole and have not experienced any side effects from it.

  • I am on Lanzaprazole which is similar to omeprazole and have not put on any weight. If the acid comes back after you finish omeprazole I would ask your doctor if you can be referred for an endoscopy to check you have not got a hiatus hernia.

  • I did but I take varying doses of steroids (never less that 25mg), and also my reflux had got to the point where I only wanted to eat really bland food, and once I got to a dose that worked for me I was like "yes I can eat loads of types of foods again." And I think that may have been part of my problem.. not saying everyone has as little self control as I do at all, but my dr said he's seen it quite a few times.

    Still even if it did I'm not sure I would want to go back to reflux again. 😖🤢

  • Hi all thanks for the replies. I take my last tablet on Wednesday. If it comes back then I going back to see the GP who prescripted it for me. I am hoping of course I will be fine.

    As for the weight I going to try and lose it slowly. I taken up swimming again three times a week so I hoping in the weeks to come to get fit and thinner.

  • Going out on a limb here, If you have been on steroids it can affect the weight gain. Also are you peri-menopausal? The metabolism slows right down due to lack of estrogen. I had food intolerance tests done, Severe asthmatics are intolerant to a lot of foods. A lot us is dairy, shell fish, eggs, I have those plus all red meat fruit, tea coffee, and yeast. I am now on an ultra restrictive diet for the rest of my life. A lot of these intolerances, can cause weight gain.

  • I think it made me gain weight

  • I am peri-menapausal and on the pill (lower dose 20mg). So I getting a lower dose of estrogen. I never thought about metabolism slowing down that must be it. I don't have severe asthma. I on just a preventer flixoide 250 one puff twice a day and monkelaust 10 mg. After autumn/winter on see tide 250 two puffs twice a day.

    Going to drs today if I have time I may ask. I already have a restricted diet due to having painful bladder syndrome. There is a lot of things I can eat due to this condition.

    Thanks all for the input.

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