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6 year old son's asthma not improving much after leaving hospital?


Hi, I'm new to this but I'm just at home with my 6 year old son seeking advice.

Wednesday after school I noticed his chest was very tight and he was wheezing a lot. I straight away got him to rest while giving him his inhaler. He was coughing and generally not improving much. I took him to A&E and they decided to keep him in as he jus continued to worsen. They released him yesterday afternoon with medication(oral steroids,liquid form) and said to give him his inhaler every 4 hours (4 puffs).

1st of all this morning he was coughing terribly and wheezing a lot! I listened to his chest and it was slightly crackly. I've rested with him all day, gave him everything hospital told me to but he's still wheezing and his neck going in and out and stomach working hard.

Suppose I'm just asking, should he not have improved a lot more by now or is this normal?

He's had asthma attacks before and never taken this long to recover?

Thanks Lola

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Poor lad. I would be inclined to pop him back to a and e to get someone to look him over again, especially if his neck and stomach still look as if he is working hard to breathe.

Hope he feels much better very soon.

Id take him back hun


Awww hope your little boy is feeling better soon but I would take him back if you think He's not improving good luck

Definitely take him back! Sounds like he needs further management. Let us know how to get on. Xx

Thank you for all your comments. I held tight and kept treating him at home giving him lots of mummy cuddles and making him rest but obviously wasn't going to leave him to struggle too much or for too long. Thankfully he started to improve. He's feeling a lot better now and sounding a lot better. After checking his notes I noticed it said he had a chest infection but they gave him no antibiotics for it. Suppose this is why it took a little longer to recover. We're at the doctors this morning for a check up.

Thanks again, Lola

Bless his little heart, good to hear hes on the mend. unfortunately any respiratory virus or bug will likely cause that sort of reaction in somebdy with asthma. I insist on antibiotics which do not work for viral infections but these can turn very quickly to bacterial infections. I have a rescue back at home steroids and antibiotics and these are vital in managing these episodes. Please please when your son is ill get him to the doctors, walk in clinc or A&E ASAP and make sure hes getting looked after settle for nothing less. If youre not happy get a second opinion.

Nothing compares to mom’s love. Good to hear he is improving, lots of love from my side..

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