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Last year, in early June, I visited Sweden. Tree pollen levels were very high - you could see the pollens covering every water surface (many of those in Sweden).

My asthma reacted to something quite badly, especially at night. I don't normally have hay fever, though I have had some occasional, very occasional suggestions I can react in that way, in some combinations of circumstances.

Can you get asthma with pollen without having hay fever symptoms? That was what seemed to happen to me last year. This year I want to be better prepared, thus the question.

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I have a problem with tree pollen so bought some antihistamine from the pharmacy ready for this year. I have holidayed in South Goa many times and the air is wonderful in February with warm air blowing off the Arabian Sea. This year I was surprised to find that my asthma bothered me when in the hotel gardens. There were beautiful flowering trees round the pool and it took a while for me to realise that they were the problem.

So it didn't trigger hay fever, only asthma? I suspect my trigger could have been birch, but as yet it is a suspicion, not knowledge.

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