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Hi! I have just been put on the SMART regime, which pleases me a lot, particularly after my recent run-in with a joss stick, where SMART would have been ideal.

I know what to do. However, I am trying to find a print out that describes the regime as used in the U.K. Countries can vary on this sort of thing, and I can find several non-UK ones. (The Malta one looks ideal). Has anyone come across a U.K. one? Though I know what to do, I do also like it in print, and my husband would also like that, I know.

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  • Info here:-

    although this was for Malta, it is exactly the same as UK version.

    Here is the Southampton guidelines which I have always used:-

    page 13 is for SMART regime.

  • Yes, I had seen that one, and kept an eye on it, as it were, but wondered of there was a uk produced one. But, as you say, if no other, then that one it will be.

  • I have added the Southampton guidelines above.

  • And not for the feint hearted:

  • I haven't looked at all your links yet, but will. The Southampton algorithm one I have seen before, I think. Is it not also the British Lung Foundation (or some such) one? It takes a bit more concentrated reading, but I like things like that.

    My very good asthma nurse told me the other day that the step wise approach is going. Asthma is now considered a variable condition that can 'slide' up and down, so those documents with steps are likely to be replaced. Looking forward to seeing the next version.

    Thank you, by the way , for giving me those links.

  • When I was put on the SMART regime by my consultant, I was given a small booklet produced by AstraZeneca called Asthma and Symbicort Maintenance And Reliever Therapy (SMART) Patient Information Leaflet.

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